10 Dachshund Faces That Every Owner Will Know

Dachshunds have oodles of personality, but one of the reasons owners love them so much is for their hilariously funny facial expressions!

So, what kind of faces do Dachshunds pull? Here are the top 10 Dachshund faces that every owner will know.

1. The ‘Stubborn’ Dachshund Face

A stubborn Dachshund refusing to walk
Stubborn Dachshund facial expression

The ‘Stubborn’ Dachshund face is a very familiar one!

You’ll see this face when you’re out on walks and your stubborn little Dachshund doesn’t want to go any further!

You’ll also see this face when you tell your Dachshund it’s time for a bath!

Dachshunds will let you know very clearly when they’re JUST NOT DOING IT!

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2. The ‘Greedy’ Dachshund Face

A greedy Dachshund waiting for food
Greedy Dachshund facial expression

The ‘Greedy‘ Dachshund face is one you’re probably very used to!

You just have to remember this simple rule. What’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is also theirs!

Dachshunds want all the food or treats they can get, and will use their best facial expressions to manipulate you!

A Dachshund stare can last many hours. They’re determined and stubborn and always get their own way eventually (you may as well give up now!).

Dachshunds will always let you know when they want something!

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3. The ‘Guilty’ Dachshund Face

A guilty looking Dachshund facial expression
Guilty Dachshund facial expression

The ‘Guilty’ Dachshund face will happen most days, because Dachshunds love to deny everything!

If your Dachshund rolls in poop and you notice a strange smell when he comes back inside, this is the face you’ll get!

You’ll also see this face when it’s raining outside and you find piddle on your favourite new rug.

Or when your Dachshund has chewed up his bed and pulled out all the stuffing (we’ve all been there!).

The thing is, you can’t ever get angry with your Dachshund.

You know he did it. He definitely knows he did it. But pulling that adorable little ‘guilty’ face is how he gets away with it!

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4. The ‘I’m Furious’ Dachshund Face

A wet Dachshund looking furious for being made to have a bath
Furious Dachshund facial expression

Most Dachshunds hate baths.

In fact, if you make a Dachshund do anything they don’t want to do, they’ll give you their best ‘I’m furious With You’ face!

They won’t look at you or acknowledge you’re even in the room!

Even though Dachshunds let you know when they’re furious, it never lasts for long.

Give them a treat and a tummy tickle, and they’ll forgive you in a heartbeat.

Above all, Dachshunds are loyal and loving and can’t stay mad at you for long!

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5. The ‘I’m Sorry’ Dachshund Face

Dachshund looking sorry for doing something wrong
Sorry Dachshund facial expression

Dachshunds do naughty things and that’s part of their adorable, cheeky charm.

However, they are always very sorry!

They’re sorry when they steal your pants. They’re sorry when they chew on your kitchen cupboards. And they’re sorry for pooping behind the sofa too!

Dachshunds always give it away in their faces when they’ve done something wrong!

Your Dachshund’s ears will go back, his eyes will look sad, and you’ll instantly forgive his sorry little face!

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6. The ‘I’m Not Listening’ Dachshund Face

Dachshund that is not listening to their owner
Dachshund that is not listening

Dachshunds have very selective hearing!

They can hear when you open a kitchen cupboard from a mile away, but can’t hear when you ask them to drop the poop they’ve just put in their mouths.

In fact, they can’t hear you when you ask them to stop rolling in poop either, even when you’re standing right next to them!

And they definitely can’t hear you when it’s time for a bath!

The ‘I’m not listening’ face is a classic that all owners will know and love!

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7. The ‘I’m About To Cause Trouble’ Dachshund Face

Naughty looking Dachshund with cheeky facial expression
Naughty Dachshund facial expression

The face of trouble is very familiar, with its upturned lip and half grin!

This is the face that says, ‘I’m about to do something naughty and know I’ll get away with it!’.

Your Dachshund may start charging around the house and won’t stop until you’ve stopped laughing!

Dachshunds are comedians. They know they’re funny and use that humour to get away with anything and everything!

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8. The ‘Tickle Me’ Dachshund Face

Dachshund laying on their back looking up at their owner for some attention
Playful Dachshund facial expression

The playful ‘Tickle Me’ face will come out several times a day.

Your Dachshund will roll on his back and stare at you until you tickle his tummy.

If you don’t tickle him, his feet will start shaking, his tail will start wagging and a grin will suddenly appear!

Pulling this adorable face will get your Dachshund all the attention he wants every single time!

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9. The ‘Sleepy’ Dachshund Face

Dachshund sleeping under a blanket with their nose poking out
Sleepy Dachshund facial expression

Dachshunds love to run around and play, but they also love to sleep – a lot!

Give them a blanket to burrow into and they’ll curl up underneath and fall sleep.

The ‘sleepy’ face means they don’t want to be disturbed – they need some shut eye now!

But if you could just tuck them in that would be great!

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10. The ‘Loving’ Dachshund Face

Loving Dachshund cuddling their owner and resting their head on the owner's shoulder
Loving Dachshund facial expression

Dachshunds are the most loving and loyal dogs that want nothing more than to be by your side.

Every morning when you wake up your Dachshund will look at you with the most heart melting, ‘loving‘ face.

If you show your Dachshund love, he’ll give it right back and more.

Dachshunds are the best companions and the best greeters when you walk through the door.

In fact, you’ll never be lonely with a Dachshund by your side!

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