Why Do Dachshunds Go Under a Blanket?

A dachshund under a blanket with nose poking out

Dachshunds love to burrow into blankets, sleeves, duvet covers – anything they can sneak into and snooze in. But why do they love snuggling into things so much? We’re here to tell you about this funny dachshund trait.

Why do dachshunds go under a blanket? Dachshunds burrow because it’s in their nature. They feel happy tunnelling into small, dark spaces because they were bred to flush badgers out of their setts. They also like to feel warm, cosy and protected when they sleep.

If you’re wondering why your sausage loves to snooze under a pile of blankets, or why he’s desperate to scramble under the duvet on your bed, read on to find out why dachshunds burrow under blankets, if you should let them, and whether burrowing can ever be a bad thing.

Why do dachshunds love to burrow?

Dachshunds have a natural instinct to burrow. They were bred to scrabble down badger setts and flush the badger out, so they feel completely at home tunnelling into small, dark spaces. They also like to make a den to sleep in so they feel safe and protected.

Why Do Dachshunds Go Under a Blanket? Dachshund sleeping in a bed with a duvet and pillows
A dachshund sleeping soundly in bed

So, if you can’t find your little sausage dog, he’s probably nestled into that jumper you left on the sofa, or blissfully dozing away under a snuggly blanket somewhere. This is exactly what dachshunds do. And, given half a chance, he’d sleep under your duvet at night, curl up at your feet or lay by your pillows and snooze.

Dachshunds also burrow because they love to feel warm, cosy and protected when they sleep. This is a natural trait too – like all dogs, it’s the dachshund’s natural instinct to make a den to sleep in so they feel safe and secure. In the wild, they’d have dug into the earth to make a hole big enough for them to curl up in.

How does a dachshund get under a blanket?

Dachshunds are champion burrowers! First your dachshund will dig, then they’ll flick the blanket over their head, tunnel deeper into it until they’re fully covered, circle around until they’ve found the perfect spot, and then curl up and go to sleep.

Why Do Dachshunds Go Under a Blanket? Dachshund burrowing under a blanket with face poking out
A cute dachshund poking his head out of a blanket

When your dachshund burrows into blankets, he’s basically making himself a makeshift snuggle den to curl up and snooze in. That’s just what dachshunds do. Sometimes you’ll find them already fast asleep under their blankets, and sometimes you get to see the whole ritual.

Some dachshunds will yap to get you to put their blanket on for them! This can become something he does just before bed. It’s very sweet and shows them as the clowns they are.

Should I let my dachshund burrow under the blankets?

Yes, there’s no problem with your dachshund burrowing. It’s completely harmless; so just let them do it. It makes them feel safe and comfortable. And, for some dachshunds, it’s the only way they can sleep soundly as ‘denning’ is in their nature.

Why Do Dachshunds Go Under a Blanket? Dachshund's head poking out of a cosy blanket
A sweet dachshund poking his head out of his blanket

It can also be very funny to watch. These dogs are stubborn and spirited, so to see the lengths they’ll go to for a good night’s sleep or an uninterrupted nap is actually hilarious. They’re committed to creating the perfect environment for a snooze.

Just make sure everyone in your house knows to check for your dachshund when they sit down! They’re small dogs and you might not see the little lump under the blanket on the sofa, and could hurt them if you accidentally sit on them. Also, even if you don’t hurt them, you’ll definitely startle them so just be aware.

It can be a good idea to have a few ‘dachshund rules’ in households with small kids. They’ll need to know not to charge around the house and jump on the sofa without looking, and to always check under piles of blankets or laundry before they sit down.

Child stroking the head of a miniature dachshund
A little girl gently stroking a dachshund’s head

Don’t move the blanket away from your dachshund either; especially while he’s sleeping in his little snuggle den. He likes to be warm and cosy so just let him be.

Can a dachshund suffocate when sleeping under a blanket?

If you’re worried about your dachshund suffocating under a blanket, don’t be. He’ll poke his head out if he needs air, or kick off the blankets if he gets too hot (he might yap at you once he wants them back on though!).

Why Do Dachshunds Go Under a Blanket? Dachshund sleeping under a blanket
A dachshund burrowed under a blanket

If you want, you could always change the type of blanket he sleeps under. Put lightweight blankets on his bed, rather than heavier ones that’ll be harder for him to move around. And, once he falls asleep, you can always move the blanket away from his nose and face so it’s not completely covered.

If you really don’t like the idea of him tunnelling under blankets, you could always get him a burrow bed. This is basically a snuggly, envelope-shaped bed that’s specially designed for dogs to crawl into. It’s like a big cosy pocket he can burrow into and feel safe and warm while he sleeps. Make sure you keep his burrow bed on the floor so he doesn’t have to jump onto anything to get into it, as this could hurt his back.

Can dachshund burrowing ever be a bad thing?

In general, burrowing is a natural behaviour and completely harmless. But, as with any excessive behaviour, if you notice your dachshund burrowing compulsively, there might be something wrong or he could have too much pent up energy.

Things to look out for:

Attention seeking behaviour

Some dachshunds bark when there’s something wrong, some dig up your flowerbeds, some chew up your shoes, and others might dig or burrow in the house.

Signs of boredom

Your dachshund could be bored, in which case you’ll need to up his daily exercise and make sure he’s getting plenty of playtime each day.

Dachshund going for a walk in the woods with a ball
A dachshund being exercised with a ball in the woods

Signs of separation anxiety

Has anything changed in your dachshund’s environment that could be making him stressed or worried? If he burrows when you’re out, he might be suffering with separation anxiety. In this case, you’ll need to work on the separation problems with him. If you’re really worried, take him to the vet – they’ll check him over to make sure there’s nothing seriously wrong.

Generally, burrowing is just a normal behaviour for dachshunds and you shouldn’t be concerned. If you have a new daxie pup, he might not start burrowing right away, but as he settles and comes out of his shell, you’ll probably see him doing it. So be on your guard because he might suddenly start disappearing into the blankets on your sofa, and you’ll need to remember to look out for him!

So, that’s why dachshunds burrow, it’s a natural instinct for them. Enjoy watching your sausage dog doing his daily ritual and snoozing peacefully among his blankets and pillows, snug as a bug in a rug.

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