How Old Is My Dachshund In Human Years?

how old is my dachshund in human years

Have you always thought that one human year is equivalent to 7 dog years? Well, that’s no longer the case. The old formula was based on the assumption that dogs live to around 10 years old, and humans to about 70. Since then, experts have learned a lot more about dog breeds and how they age.

How Old Is My Dachshund In Human Years? Dachshunds are small dogs, so tend to live longer than larger breeds. In the first 2 years of their life they mature really quickly. By the time they reach their first birthday, they’re already 15 human years old and, by 2, they’re the equivalent of 24 human years.

From 2 years onwards, the increase is a steady 4 human years for every 1 dachshund year. So, if want to know exactly how old your own dachshund is in HUMAN YEARS, click on the relevant link below or scroll down to the chart at the bottom:

2 Months Old

2.5 human years

3 Months Old

3.75 human years

4 Months Old

5 human years

5 Months Old

6.25 human years

6 Months Old

7.5 human years

7 Months Old

8.25 human years

8 Months Old

10 human years

9 Months Old

11.25 human years

10 Months Old

12.5 human years

11 Months Old

13.75 human years

1 Year Old

15 human years

2 Years Old

24 human years

3 Years Old

28 human years

4 Years Old

32 human years

5 Years Old

36 human years

6 Years Old

40 human years

7 Years Old

44 human years

8 Years Old

48 human years

9 Years Old

52 human years

10 Years Old

56 human years

11 Years Old

60 human years

12 Years Old

64 human years

13 Years Old

68 human years

14 Years Old

72 human years

15 Years Old

76 human years

16 Years Old

80 human years

17 Years Old

84 human years

18 Years Old

88 human years

19 Years Old

92 human years

20 Years Old

96 human years

21 Years Old

100 human years

How Old Is My Dachshund In Human years Chart

This chart is specifically for dachshunds. The human age conversion is different for larger dog breeds! Feel free to share the ‘How Old Is My Dachshund In Human Years Chart‘ with other dachshund lovers!

Do Dachshunds Think They Are Human?

Yes, dachshunds do think they’re human! 😂

  • They can be fussy eaters 🙄
  • They like a banana or treat!
  • They hate going out in the rain ☔️
  • They wear coats and sweaters
  • They’d much rather pee and poop indoors 🙄
  • They prefer sleeping in a human bed!
  • They like a nap in the afternoons
  • They know what time dinner is
  • They love a snuggly blanket 🤗
  • They own the best seat on the sofa!
  • They go to bed when they want ⏰
  • They stand up for you at all times!
  • They love you as much as you love them ❤️
  • They tell you when they want something
  • They always get the last word! 🙄

And THAT’s why we LOVE them so much. ❤️

So, there you have it. Dachshunds mature quickly in the first 2 years of their lives, and then things level off. They generally live a long life so there’ll be many more years to love!

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