101 Things Dachshunds Want You To Know

Have you ever wondered what your Dachshund would say if he or she could speak? Well, my miniature dachshund Jimmy DOES speak! So, I asked him to share 101 things about himself and the dachshund breed that he thinks you should know. And, in his own words, this is what he said . . .

#1 – I’m a BIG dog in a small body

#2 – I’m the smallest of all the hounds πŸ†

#3 – My name β€˜dachshund’ means β€˜badger hound’

#4 – My ancestors were bred to catch badgers

#5 – Dwarfism gives me my characteristically short legs

#6 – Height is a dirty word to someone like me! πŸ˜‚

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Happy dachshund being held and cuddled by his owner

#7 – I’m extremely loyal to my paw-rents πŸ’•

#8 – I follow my Mum around like a shadow

#9 – I’m territorial and guard our family home 🏠

#10 – My job is to bark at anything and everything

#11 – I take my job VERY seriously! πŸ˜‚

101 things dachshunds want you to know. A dachshund under a blanket with nose poking out

#12 – Burrowing under blankets is my thing

#13 – I scratch at my bed before sleeping

#14 – I can sleep 12-14 hours a day ⏰

#15 – I’m quite lazy πŸ’€

#16 – I do need daily exercise

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Dachshund being exercised while out on a walk

#17 – I can walk long distances when I want to

#18 – I WON’T walk if I don’t want to! β˜”οΈ

#19 – My fur-ends are allowed off the leash

#20 – I’m NOT allowed off the leash! πŸ™„

#21 – My paw-rents have trust issues! πŸ˜‚

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Dachshund sat on the floor while on a lead

#22 – I can run at speeds of 15-20 mph 🏁

#23 – I’m an escape artist and need to be fenced in

#24 – I’m proud of the holes I dig in the garden 🏑

#25 – I have strong hunting instincts

#26 – My paw-rents’s have to warn the rabbits! 🐰

#27 – Squirrels are the enemy 🐿

101 things dachshunds want you to know. A dachshund waiting for dinner sat next to a dinner bowl and a clock

#28 – I’m obsessed with food

#29 – I can tell the time ⏰

#30 – I pretend I’ve never been fed

#31 – I’ll do pretty much anything for treats πŸ™ƒ

#32 – I love carrot and cucumber πŸ₯•

#33 – Which is good because I’m prone to obesity

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Dachshund looking for someone to pick him up before he jumps up the stairs

#34 – I’m also prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease

#35 – I get carried up and down the stairs

#36 – I’m miniature in size

#37 – Some of my fur-ends are β€˜standard’ in size

#38 – β€˜Tweenie’ is our nickname for the in-between size

#39 – I don’t discriminate on size! πŸ™‚

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Miniature dachshund sitting on the floor in an apartment

#40 – I’m the perfect size for apartment living

#41 – Did I mention how loud I am? πŸ“£

#42 – I can get anxious if left alone too long

#43 – Chewing is a hobby πŸ˜†

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Dachshund happily chewing a bright pink ball

#44 – Fetching balls is fun ⚽️

#45 – But I prefer toys that squeak πŸ’₯

#46 – My job is to remove the stuffing

#47 – I’m VERY good at my job! πŸ˜‚

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Mischievous looking dachshund sat on the bed

#48 – I’m smart and pick things up fast

#49 – I don’t let on how smart I am 🀣

#50 – I make out I’m difficult to train

#51 – I have more important things to do than potty training! πŸ˜‚

#52 – I’m VERY stubborn!

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Dachshund laying his head on his owner's shoes and refusing to go out in the rain

#53 – I’ll point blank refuse to go out in the rain β˜”οΈ

#54 – But I’ll happily jump around in the snow β˜ƒοΈ

#55 – Fleeces keep me cosy and warm

#56 – I live for sunny days! β˜€οΈ

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Comical dachshund laying in the sand sunbathing with sunglasses on

#57 – I’m a bit unsure around big dogs

#58 – I’m happier being around my own kind

#59 – I could live with another dachshund

#60 – Some of my fur-ends live with cats 😸

101 things dachshunds want you to know. Cat fast asleep on top of a dachshund

#61 – I’m a natural comedian and entertainer

#62 – I’ll steal your socks when you’re not looking 🀣

#63 – I know when I’m being naughty!

#64 – I have VERY selective hearing! πŸ™‰

Black and tan puppy dachshund sat outside in the garden

#65 – I’m black and tan

#66 – My breed has 6 natural coat colours

#67 – I’m against Blue and Isabella breeding 😑

#68 – I’m wire-haired

#69 – My fur-ends are smooth and long-haired

A smooth-haired dachshund and a long-haired dachshund sat in the garden together

#70 – I like having a brush

#71 – I don’t shed that much.

#72 – I do suffer with itchy skin

#73 – I love rolling in poop

#74 – I’ve been known to eat poop! πŸ’©

#75 – I HATE having a bath πŸ’¦

Dachshund with a shower cap on, covered in shampoo in the bath

#76 – I prefer to stink!

#77 – I want to be on the sofa πŸ›‹

#78 – I’ll yap if I want something

#79 – I’ll nudge if yapping doesn’t work

#80 – I always get what I want eventually πŸ˜€

#81 – I’m VERY persistent!

Dachshund laying under the duvet in his owner's bed

#82 – I roll on my back for attention

#83 – I love a tummy tickle

#84 – I’ll shake my paws if you stop

#85 – I grin when I’m happy πŸ˜€

#86 – I have a VERY waggy tail!

Girl sitting on the floor cuddling a dachshund

#87 – I like licking your face πŸ’‹

#88 – I’m great with kids

#89 – I know lots of tricks

#90 – I’ve proved I can speak πŸ’¬

#91 – I can ring a bell πŸ›Ž

#92 – I can shake a paw 🐾

Dachshund shaking paws with his owner

#93 – I’m a very popular breed 

#94 – Everybody wants to meet me 😊

#95 – I travel well in the car 🚘

#96 – I love sausage group walks 🌭

Cute dachshund being stroked while laying on his owner's lap

#97 – I love my family πŸ’•

#98 – I have the biggest heart ❀️

#99 – I could live 12-17 years or more

#100 – I think I’m human 🀣

#101 – I KNOW I’m loved (… my Mum tells me often enough!) ❀️

So, there you have it, 101 things dachshunds want you to know. I think this proves how amazing this loyal, noisy, comical, stubborn, smart, playful, loving, short-legged, long-bodied breed is. Dachshunds are most definitely the BEST dogs in the world (I’m just a tiny little bit bias!) and, once you’ve had one, you’ll fall in love with the breed for life! ❀️

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