10 Things Dachshunds Steal

Dachshund stealing things

Dachshunds are a comedic breed, and that’s one of the things we love most about them. They like to steal things – mostly in secret – and they’re good at it too! So here are the Top 10 Things Dachshunds Steal:

Even though this article is just meant as a bit of fun, there’s a serious side too. Be careful what your dachshund steals because he could seriously harm himself. I’m a dachshund owner of 10+ years, not a vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

1. Socks

Washing machines aren’t the only things that eat socks – dachshunds pinch them too! In fact, they’re chief sock stealers! Leave a sock on the floor and it’ll be gone in a matter of seconds. So, if you’re searching for a missing sock, the culprit could be closer than you think! Dachshunds will steal your socks! 😂

Dachshund stealing socks from his owner
Dachshund stealing socks from his owner

2. Food

Dachshunds are master food stealers that move at lightening fast speed! They’ll be ready to pounce from their favourite position under the dinner table. Any food that hits the floor will be swallowed before you have time to get to it. Given half a chance, dachshunds will steal your food – so keep that fridge door shut! 🙈

3. Sofa

Dachshunds will steal the best seat on the sofa! They love being cosied up under warm blankets right beside all the family. No more lounging and stretching your legs out. You’ll be perched on the edge of your seat trying your best not to move. Dachshunds may steal the best seat in the house, but you’ll be more than happy to let them! 🤗

4. Bed

Dachshunds will make their way into your bed within two days of being brought home. Forget 8 hours sleep a night. From now on, you’ll have a hot dog attached to your back and be woken by a dachshund licking your face! Not only will they steal your bed, but they’ll pinch all the bed covers too! 🙄

Dachshund stealing all the room in the bed and the bed covers
Dachshund stealing all the room in the bed and the bed covers

5. Underwear

Dachshunds love being with people so, if they’re not around, you know they’re up to something! 😂 Secret pant chewing is one of their favourite hobbies. If you leave dirty laundry on the floor, they’ll run off with it and hide. It won’t take a detective to work out what happened to the chewed up, soggy pants! Dachshunds will steal your underwear the minute you’re not looking! 😳

6. Handkerchiefs

Dachshunds steal dirty hankies and stinky socks because they like chewing on soft textures. To them, it’s a bit like munching on the fur or skin of their prey. They hide hankies in their bed and look at you with a face that says ‘it wasn’t me!’ 😆

7. Toilet roll

It’s not just the Dulux dog that runs off with the toilet roll – dachshunds do it too! They love the fun of thieving and turning it into a game. So, if you find loo roll strewn across the floor, you’ll know who’s to blame! Dachshunds will steal your toilet roll – and then pretend they didn’t! 🤣

Dachshund stealing the toilet roll
Dachshund stealing the toilet roll

8. Bottles

Watch out! Dachshunds will steal your water bottles. Plastic, crunchy, noisy and fun, they’ll pinch your bottle as soon as you’ve taken your last sip! It helps with the recycling, but does need to be stopped. Bottles are not dog toys and could hurt their teeth or cut into their gums!

9. Attention

Dachshunds love being the centre of attention. They want to be on your lap for a cuddle, and to follow you around like a shadow. Anywhere you go, they go! If you don’t give them the attention they want, they’ll be sure to let you know! Dachshunds are comedic clowns that use all their tricks to steal your attention. 🤗

10. Hearts

Dachshunds will steal your heart in a heartbeat. They’re the most loyal and loving breed. They’re funny, sweet, playful, smart dogs with so many adorable traits. Once you’ve had one, you’ll fall in love with the breed for life. Dachshunds will steal your heart forever! ❤️

Dachshund puppy stealing the heart of his owner
Dachshund puppy stealing the heart of his owner

Why Do Dachshunds Steal Socks and Pants?

Dachshunds mostly steal socks and pants because they’re teething, bored or attention seeking. It’s also part of their natural scavenging instinct to want things that smell of you. Stolen items are either chewed up or taken to bed and treated like prized possessions!

How Do You Stop A Dachshund Stealing Socks and Pants?

As much as it’s funny to see a dachshund run off with a pair of socks in his mouth, there’s a more serious side too. Socks, hankies, underwear – and so on – may be chewed and swallowed. This could cause an obstruction, choking or more serious health issue. In general, it’s best not to encourage your dachshund to take your things. Although, there can be exceptions to this if your dachshund is comforted by sleeping with one of your old t-shirts – as long as he’s not eating it, that’s OK!

This is how you get your dachshund to stop pinching socks, underwear, hankies and other items:

Dog Proof

Just as you’d have to child proof your home, you should also dachshund proof your home! Tidy away things that are on the floor. Keep your laundry in a basket and make sure any small and chewable items are placed up high. Keep all drawers and cupboards shut and all cables tidied away. Keep any food in the kitchen off the surfaces and the garbage bin out of reach. Some dachshunds can be prone to thieving, so it’s best to be prepared!

Trade Up

Convince your dachshund to trade the socks or pants he has in his mouth for a new toy or tasty treat. New toys are more of a novelty than old toys. You want him to think he’s trading up so he brings the socks back to you next time to get a better reward.


Give your dachshund the right amount of physical exercise every day, and work on mental stimulation too. Play interactive games or do brain training puzzles to keep him entertained. A tired dachshund is a happy dachshund that’s less likely to go on the rob!


Make sure your dachshund has enough toys of his own to chew on. If he doesn’t, he may look elsewhere. Teething puppies chew to sooth their sore gums, so stock up on a few different textured toys. Rotating them is a great way to keep his interest and excitement for longer.

Don’t chase

If your dachshund grabs a sock and you start running after him, it’ll turn into a game of chase. The attention he gets will also encourage him to steal again in future! Unless he’s in danger, it’s much better to ignore him and walk into another room. He should then drop the socks and follow you. Then, get him a tasty treat or distract him with a new toy.

Drop it!

Work on the ‘drop it’ command and get your dachshund to trade the item for something much more exciting like a tasty treat or new toy.

How Do I Train My Dachshund To Drop It?

This is how you teach a dachshund the Drop It command:

  1. Get a toy and play with your dachshund
  2. When he has the toy in his mouth, bring out a tasty treat and hold it near his face
  3. Just as he opens his mouth to drop his toy, say the word ‘drop it’
  4. Give him a treat and say ‘good boy!’
  5. Keep repeating this over and over
  6. Once he’s got it, he’s got it!

Dachshunds are super smart so it won’t take long to learn. For the most part, they know when they’re being naughty and that’s part of their natural charm. But, by trading him up to something better, you should get his ‘grab-and-go’ under control!

So, there you have it! Dachshunds like stealing socks, food, the sofa, the bed, underwear, handkerchiefs, toilet rolls, bottles, your attention and, most importantly, our hearts! ❤️

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10 things dachshunds steal
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