Are Dachshunds The Funniest Dogs?

Dachshund funniest dog breed

Dachshunds have many quirks, but one of the reasons owners love them so much is for their hilariously funny personalities.

Are Dachshunds The Funniest Dogs? Dachshunds could be one of the funniest dog breeds. They may be small dogs but they have big personalities and love to entertain. Owning a Dachshund is guaranteed to bring fun and laughter into your life and home.

So, what do Dachshunds do that is so funny? Here’s our list of the funniest things Dachshunds do:

Dachshunds want what you have

Dachshunds are more interested in what you have than what they have. Their job is to want whatever you’re holding or eating. Your job is to understand that if it’s yours it’s theirs, and if it’s theirs it’s theirs! 😂

Dachshunds are impatient

Dachshunds don’t want to wait for ANYTHING! 🙄 Their job is to yap, whine, run around, nudge, and jump up at you. Your job is to hurry up and get a move on with whatever it is they want you to do! 😂

Dachshunds will outstare you

Dachshunds will stare at you when they want something. 👀 If you move, their eyes will follow you! Their job is to stare at you for hours and hours on end. Your job is to give in to their demands! 😂

Dachshunds invented the word stubborn

Dachshunds won’t do anything they don’t want to do. It’s better to ask them to do something you DON’T want them to do, in the hope they do the opposite! 😂 Their job is to be as stubborn as possible. Your job is to run around after them! 🙈

Stubborn Dachshund refusing to do something!
Stubborn Dachshund refusing to do something!

Dachshunds make themselves heard

Your Dachshund will bark at the smallest noise. 😲 They love showing you how big and clever they are. Their job is to protect you from the dangerous leaf that has fallen from the tree. Your job is to teach them how to be ‘Quiet!’. 🙉

Dachshunds will eat everything

Dachshunds love food and will eat all sorts of things they shouldn’t. 🙄 Their job is to eat what they find, whether inside the home or out in the garden. Your job is to grow eyes in the back of your head! 👀

Dachshunds own of the sofa

Dachshunds think the sofa and all the soft, squishy cushions, are theirs. Their job is to stretch out their little legs and lounge. Your job is to move seats and not interrupt their sleep! 😂

Dachshunds sleep in strange positions

Dachshunds love sleeping upside down with their feet up in the air. Their job is to contort their bodies into the most awkward positions. Your job is to cover them over with a blanket and kiss your baby goodnight! 🤗

Are Dachshunds the funniest dogs? Dachshund sleeping upside down with feet in the air
Dachshund sleeping upside down with feet in the air

Dachshunds dream out loud

Dachshunds love to chase rabbits in their dreams. Their job is to make cute, excited noises when they sleep. Your job is to smile at them and gently tickle their tummy. 🤗

Dachshunds will stalk you

Dachshunds will quite literally follow you everywhere. Your job is to have a bath, clean your teeth and sit on the loo. Their job is to watch you having a bath, cleaning your teeth and using the loo! 🙈

Dachshunds will deny things

Dachshunds hate the rain and some will refuse to potty outside. Their job is to piddle by the door and then point blank deny it. Your job is to clean up after them for the millionth time! 🙄😂

Dachshunds have selective hearing

Dachshunds have VERY selective hearing. 🙉 Their job is to listen when there’s something in it for them. Your job is to give them treats to get them to listen! 😂

Dachshunds don’t believe in personal space

Dachshunds are pack dogs that love being with people. Their job is to have their head touching you at ALL times. Your job is to make their head as comfortable as possible! 🤗

Dachshunds will steal things

Dachshunds sometimes take things that don’t belong to them. 😲 Their job is to steal socks, hankies, pants, and destroy your toilet roll. Your job is to keep things out of reach and up high!

Dachshund stealing things
A Dachshund that steals his owners things!

Dachshunds will refuse to bring things back

Dachshunds love it when you throw the ball down the garden. Their job is to run after the ball, catch it and drop it two seconds later. Your job is to go fetch the ball! 🙄

Dachshunds are sun magnets

Dachshunds are attracted to patches of sun. Their job is to squeeze their little sausage bodies into the tiniest patch of sun on the floor. Your job is to not block their sunlight! ☀️

Dachshunds will spend your money

Dachshunds will spend everything in your bank account. Their job is to eat all the food, play with the squeakiest toys, sleep on the cosiest of beds and wrap up in the warmest of sweaters. Your job is to spend everything you have to keep them in the life they have become accustomed to! 😂

Dachshunds like to surprise you

Dachshunds enjoy being curled up on your lap and they love to surprise you. Their job is to lick your face when you least expect it. Your job is to kiss them right back every single time! 💋

So, there you have it. Dachshunds are funny and cute, and may well take the award for one of the funniest dog breeds. Within a few weeks of owning a Dachshund, you’ll realise that they actually own YOU! 😂

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Are Dachshunds The Funniest Dog Breed?
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