How Do You Dachshund Proof Your Garden?

Dachshund proofing your garden

Do you have a new dachshund and are wondering how to make your garden or yard secure? Well, dog proofing your garden is one thing, but dachshund proofing your garden is a whole other level! Here’s everything you need to know about dachshunds and gardens.

This is how to dachshund proof your garden:

Check the perimeter

Walk around the edge of your garden and check for any rabbit holes, other holes, gaps, or loose fence panels.

If you have any bushes or large trees, make sure you get right behind them to check for any weak areas around the perimeter of your garden or yard.

Any gaps you see, however small, need to be repaired or blocked off with either rocks, stones or nailed down with wood.

Any rabbit holes or mole hills need to be properly filled so your dachshund can’t burrow into them.

Make sure your fence is secure

Dachshunds were bred to burrow into the earth to hunt for badgers and rabbits, so they’re naturally gifted diggers!

This means you need a rigid fence to surround your garden, and you need to dig it down into the earth. If the bottom of the fence isn’t secure, your dachshund could burrow underneath it and scrabble out of the garden.

You should be able to keep your original fence if it’s solid and in good condition, but you may want to add another layer of protection around the bottom edge.

Things like stones, wood planks or possibly chicken wire should work. Ideally, you want to dig down into the earth to make it as secure as possible.

Don’t ever underestimate dachshunds. These small dogs can dig BIG deep holes!

Keep the gate shut

If you have a gate into your garden, make it really secure and, if you don’t already have one, add a lock.

Check the space underneath the gate isn’t big enough for a dachshund to squeeze under too.

Locking a gate is important for keeping your dachshund contained, but it also helps prevent dog theft, which is sadly on the rise.

You might not be able to watch your dachshund every second he’s in the garden, so the next best thing is to simply lock him in and keep him safe.

It may also be an idea to add a security camera to any exit points too. Even if you don’t ever need it, they work as a really great deterrent.

If budget is a problem, buy a cheap fake camera and set that up so it’s visible as you approach the gate.

Dachshund playing in the garden
Dachshund playing in the garden

Keep the grass short

Dachshunds are small dogs and their bellies are low to the ground, so they get cold and damp pretty quickly.

When it’s raining outside, it can be hard to get them to potty in the garden. In fact, some dachshunds would much rather pee indoors on wet days! 🙄

The best thing you can do is keep your grass short. The shorter the grass, the less cold and damp your dachshund will get – and the more likely he is to nip outside to pee!

Shorter grass can also help with dirt and debris too. It helps prevent things getting stuck in your dachshund’s feet and saves your floors from getting covered in so much mud and dirt.

Create a path

If possible, add some stepping stones or slabs into the garden or down the side of the lawn, so your dachshund can use those instead of stepping on soaking wet grass.

If he has a route in and out of the garden or yard, he’s much more likely to use it!

If you cant do this, consider putting an outdoor table on your lawn. That way there’ll always be a patch of dry grass under the table for your dachshund to potty on.

Clear up the poop

Make sure you clear up the poop in the garden every day. Ideally, it’s best to get into the habit of doing it as soon as your dachshund poops.

Leaving poop out there will not only be smelly, but it’ll also encourage insects and flies.

Not only that, some dachshunds will eat their own poop so, the quicker you clean it up, the better!

You should also remember that the more poop you have on the lawn, the more chance you, your dachshund, or kids have of treading in it! 💩🙈

Avoid garden chemicals

Dachshunds will eat all sorts of things outside, including grass. So, keep the products you use in your garden and on your lawn as natural as possible, and safe for dogs.

Don’t use weed killer, pesticides or fertilisers on your lawn. These are toxic to dogs, even in small amounts.

You don’t want your dachshund walking on chemicals every day, and you definitely don’t wan’t him ingesting them, because it could seriously harm his health.

Be aware of toxic plants

Gardens are normally full of beautiful plants. Unfortunately, a lot of plants can be toxic to dachshunds.

Even popular flowers like hydrangeas, azaleas, foxgloves, bluebells, ivy, wisteria, hyacinths, rhododendrons, daffodils and tulip bulbs (and there are many more to add to that list!) should NOT be ingested by dogs.

So, if your plants are in low, accessible plant beds, either put chicken wire around them or watch your dachshund when he’s outside. 👀

If your dachshund accidentally eats any toxic plants, you need to contact your vet immediately.

Dachshund eating grass in the garden
Dachshund eating grass in the garden

Raise the plant beds

If possible, having raised plant beds is a better option. If given the chance, dachshunds will wander in and out of the undergrowth and prickly hedges. 🙄

Twigs and debris can sometimes get matted in their coats, especially if they’re long or wire-haired.

You could fence off the plant beds with chicken wire to protect them. If you can’t do that or have established plants, keep the areas raked, free from twigs and leaves, and as maintained and clear as possible.

Just remember to check your dachshunds feet and undercoat for any twigs or prickly bits when he comes back inside.

Create an enclosed area

If you have a big garden or it’s full of lots of plants, trees and bushes, you may be better sectioning off an area of lawn specifically for your dachshund.

A large enclosed or penned area will keep your dachshund safe, and help you see where he is at all times. 👀

However, you will need a robust area. Dachshunds will jump on fences to try and take them down, and they’ll dig under them too.

So whatever you use to pen off the area, it needs to be dachshund proof!

Remove slugs and snails

Slugs and snails should be removed from the garden whenever you see them, especially if you live in an area with lungworm.

Some snails and slugs carry the larvae of the parasite so you must take this seriously. Lungworms can cause coughing and severe respiratory problems in dogs.

So, if you suspect your dachshund has eaten a slug or snail, contact your vet for advice.

Lock the shed

Dachshunds are inquisitive little things and love to explore. So, if you have a garden shed or store, make sure it’s locked.

You don’t want your dachshund getting hold of any garden tools, screws, paint, chemicals – or to chew up your gardening gloves!

There are lots of things in garden sheds and stores that aren’t safe for dogs and could be seriously harmful. So, just get into the habit of locking that door!

Think about steps or walls

All gardens come in different shapes and sizes. Some have patios that step down onto the lawn and some have areas that drop down and are way too high for dachshunds to jump off.

Dachshunds have naturally weak backs and are prone to the debilitating back condition, Intervertebral Disc Disease – or IVDD for short.

This means jumping off high things or constantly running up and down steps should be limited, even when outdoors.

So if you have any high walls, patios or areas where your dachshund could launch himself into the garden like Superdog, these need to be blocked off.

You don’t want your dachshund jumping off anything from any height because it could potentially damage his back, especially if done repetitively.

Dachshund playing in the garden or yard
Dachshund playing in the garden or yard

Install garden lights

When your dachshund goes out into the garden during the day, you’ll be able to see him. But, when he goes out at night, it’ll be pitch black and he may not be so easy to spot.

Dachshunds love exploring all parts of the garden and can easily wander behind the bushes and deep into the undergrowth. If it’s dark and you can’t see him straight away, that can be pretty scary.

So, the best thing you can do is put solar lights on the fence around the perimeter of your garden. The bigger the garden, the more lights you’ll need!

Solar lights are relatively inexpensive and they’re SO brilliant! They allow you to see where your dachshund is in the garden at all times.

They light up when your dachshund walks past so you can literally track his movements!

Remove children’s toys

Toys for children aren’t necessarily safe for dachshunds. Any small parts could easily be eaten and could even be dangerous to dogs.

Your children’s toys aren’t safe from your dachshund either! He may see your child’s new ball or toy as his, and simply rip it to bits! 🙈

Not only that, you don’t want your dachshund to chew and dribble all over your child’s toy before they start playing with it – it’s not very hygienic!

So, it’s best to keep your children’s toys separate from your dachshund’s toys, and teach your dachshund which ones are his. If you’re consistent with training, he’ll soon learn!

Make water safe

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool or fish pond, you need to make sure they’re covered or completely fenced off.

Dachshunds aren’t natural swimmers and puppies would be in real danger if they accidentally fell in. Take extra precautions around water and make the area safe for dogs.

Beware of other animals

Making your garden secure for your dachshund won’t stop neighbouring animals from getting in.

Cats, foxes, snakes, wild dogs, rabbits, moles, mice, birds and so on, can sometimes end up in your garden. This means you have to watch your dachshund closely when he’s outside. 👀

As natural born hunters, dachshunds can run fast and could even harm or eat something they shouldn’t, like a mouse or rabbit.

As much as foxes should run away, dachshunds are small dogs and that means they can sometimes be vulnerable to attack.

So check on your dachshund regularly and keep an eye on him in the garden as much as you can.

Teach your dachshund to tell you when they want to go in or out

It can be a good idea to teach your dachshund to tell you when he wants to go in or out into the garden.

Before you open the door, ask your dachshund to ‘Speak!‘ so he woofs. If you do this consistently, he’ll start to woof when he wants to go out and come back inside.

This can be helpful if you let your dachshund out to wee and he wanders back to the door and you haven’t realised right away. Quick ‘Woof‘ and he’s in! 😁

So, there you have it! Dachshunds love to explore and play in the garden, so your perimeter needs to be secure! Dachshunds will dig under fences and squeeze through any holes or gaps. So, follow these tips and make your garden fit for a dachshund!

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how to dachshund proof your garden or yard
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