Can Dachshunds Smile?

dachshund smiling

Do you smile at your dachshund and think he’s grinning back at you? Are you curious to know if dachshunds really can smile? Here’s everything you need to know about dachshunds and smiling!

Can Dachshunds Smile? Yes, dachshunds can smile, but they don’t smile in the same way humans do. They don’t necessarily smile because they’re happy either. Dachshunds show they’re happy through their body language – a relaxed body, face and eyes and the position of their head, ears and tail.

Read on to find out why dachshunds smile, if all dachshunds smile, how to tell if your dachshund is happy or unhappy, and whether a dachshund smile has another meaning.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

Why Do Dachshunds Smile?

Dachshunds are thought to learn how to smile from their humans. They mimic their owners happy facial expressions because, when they do, they get a warm reaction and a treat or a fuss! They tend to smile when they’re happy, relaxed, contented, excited, playful, or when they want something like a biscuit or a belly rub!

What Does A Dachshund Smile Look Like?

When a dachshund smiles, he either turns up the corners of his mouth, curls his lips back and upwards on one or both sides, grins and shows his pearly white teeth or opens him mouth and lets his tongue hang out. Happy dachshund smiles look relaxed, cheeky, playful or like a big toothy grin!

Do All Dachshunds Smile?

No, not all dachshunds smile, but a lot do! Just because a dachshund doesn’t smile, it doesn’t mean he isn’t happy. Dachshunds express their emotions through body language, not smiling. So, it’s more important to check your dachshund has a relaxed body, face and eyes, rather than rely on a smile which could have another meaning.

Does A Smile Mean My Dachshund Is Happy

If your dachshund is smiling and his body language is relaxed, it probably means he’s giving you a cheeky grin to get some food or attention. However, a smile doesn’t necessarily mean your dachshund is happy. Dachshunds don’t show their emotions that way. Even though it looks like a smile, an open mouth and tongue hanging out can mean your dachshund is too hot, uncomfortable or stressed. A teeth baring grin could be a sign of submission, fear or aggression. So, if your dachshund ever snarls or bares his teeth, or his body language shows you that he just isn’t happy – back off!

A happy smiling dachshund
A happy smiling dachshund

How Do I Know If My Dachshund Is Happy?

Some people think tail wagging alone means a dachshund is happy or excited, but that’s not always the case. Tail wagging can mean lots of different things, depending on the position of the tail. You need to look at your dachshund’s overall body language to know whether he’s happy. A happy dachshund has a relaxed body, face, eyes and ears, a soft mouth and a high tail that wags and wiggles with his whole body.

How Do I Know If My Dachshund Is Unhappy?

You can normally tell if a dachshund is unhappy by his body language. If he’s tense or rigid looking, with head low, avoiding eye contact, ears back against his head, hiding behind the sofa, shaking, turning his head away from you, baring his teeth, putting his tail under his legs, wagging it in a low position or holding it stiff and upright, he could be feeling threatened, aggressive, in pain, stressed, anxious, fearful or unhappy.

Can Dachshunds Pick Up On Human Emotions

Yes, dachshunds can pick up on human emotions. They know when you’re happy, sad, angry or scared. Dachshunds know exactly what to do at the right time too. They’ll sit quietly beside you when you feel down or unwell, and be playful around you when you’re upbeat and having fun. Dachshunds are the most loving and loyal breeds – they’re the perfect doggy companions!

So, there you have it. Dachshunds can smile, but a smile doesn’t necessarily mean your dachshund is happy. Look at your dachshund’s body language to know how he’s really feeling. Most dachshund owners know when their dog is happy and content, and they also know when they’re being manipulated for treats! Dachshunds soon figure out a cheeky smile always wins – and that’s part of their natural charm! 😁❤️

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can dachshunds smile
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