How Do You Adopt A Rescue Dachshund?

Dachshund rescue

Are you looking to adopt a Dachshund from a shelter? Maybe you want to know how to start the process and what questions to ask? Here’s everything you need to know about adopting a rescue Dachshund from a shelter.

How Do You Adopt A Rescue Dachshund?

  1. Find a local dog shelter
  2. Register your details
  3. Find a Dachshund at the dog shelter
  4. Visit your potential new Dachshund
  5. Ask lots of questions
  6. Be prepared for a home check
  7. Do the paperwork and payment
  8. Collect your Dachshund

But, before you start searching for a Dachshund to join your family, there’s more you need to know. Read on to find out why you should adopt, what you need to think about with a rescue and what questions you need to ask the shelter.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

How To Adopt A Rescue Dachshund From A Shelter

To adopt or rehome a rescue Dachshund from a shelter, there are a series of steps to follow. This is what you need to do:

Find a local dog shelter

Start by searching on Google to find dog shelters in your area. They’ll often have website profiles for some of the dogs that need homes, so you can have a quick scan to see if there are any Dachshunds on there.

Don’t worry if there aren’t any Dachshunds listed. You can always go on a waiting list and the dog shelter will contact you as soon as they have a Dachshund that needs to be rehomed.

Register your details

To adopt a rescue Dachshund, you’ll need to sign up with the dog shelter so that you can tell them your preferences for the type of dog you’d like to adopt. That way they can let you know when a suitable Dachshund is available.

This should only take about 15 minutes and, depending on the dog shelter, it could be done via an online form, paper form, in person or on the phone.

You may want to register with multiple shelters to increase your chances of getting a Dachshund.

Find a Dachshund or ask the dog shelter to match you with one

You can see if the dog shelter has any Dachshunds by viewing their website (there’s usually a ‘Dogs for adopting’ section), visiting them in person, or asking them via phone or email.

If the dog shelter has a Dachshund that you’d like to meet, you can arrange a time to visit them. If they don’t, they’ll pop you on the waiting list and let you know when one comes in.

Visit your potential new Dachshund

Rescue Dachshund being adopted by their new owner
Rescue Dachshund being adopted by their new owner

There’s nothing like looking a Dachshund in the eyes to know if they’re the right dog for you! You’ll get an idea of their temperament and personality, and you’ll probably know instinctively if they’re the one.

It’s a good idea to do a few visits before committing to adopt a rescue Dachshund, especially if you have kids or another dog already living in the family home.

You may be able to take the Dachshund for walks or trips out to get an idea of what they’ll be like as a pet, and to see if they’re the right dog for you.

Ask lots of questions

Throughout your visits, make sure you ask lots of questions so you know as much as possible about your potential new Dachshund.

(Examples of the types of questions to ask are listed further down in this article).

Be prepared for a home check

Some dog shelters will carry out a home check before letting you adopt or rehome a Dachshund. This is just to make sure your home is suitable for the Dachshund to live in.

In the UK, the dog charity may require you to have a secure garden before being allowed to adopt. And they may only allow rescue Dachshunds to go to homes without children, so bear that in mind.

Do the paperwork and payment

The next step is to pay the adoption fee and sign the adoption paperwork to say that you legally own your new Dachshund! 

Collect your Dachshund

Finally, you get to collect your adorable new Dachshund from the dog shelter and take them to their new forever home.

Adopted Dachshund settling in with their new family
Rescue Dachshund settling in with their new family

Why Adopt A Rescue Dachshund?

Adopting or rehoming a rescue Dachshund is one of the loveliest things you can do because you’re giving love, comfort and safety to a dog in need.

There are many reasons why Dachshunds end up in dog shelters. Perhaps their previous owner died or could no longer take care of them, or maybe they were abandoned. Whatever the reason, they’ve had their heart broken and you’ll be helping to fix it.

The other good thing about adopting a Dachshund is you can get an adult or senior Dachshund that generally won’t need as much training as puppies do.

Although, having said that, lots of rescue Dachshunds do require a bit of training. Some will have learned bad habits or could have a few behavioural issues to deal with.

What Do You Need To Think About When Adopting A Dachshund?

Bringing a rescue Dachshund into your life is an amazing thing to do, but it’s also a big commitment. So you need to be sure that you can definitely take on the responsibility.

Here are some things to think about before adopting or rehoming a Dachshund:

Is your home suitable for a Dachshund?

Ideally, your Dachshund needs a home where they don’t need to walk up or down stairs. If there are stairs, you’ll need to carry them so they don’t hurt their back.

If you have a garden, this needs to be enclosed and free from gaps under the fence (Dachshunds are excellent burrowers!).

You don’t always have to have a garden though. Dachshunds can be great apartment dogs as long as you can easily take them out for walks and potty breaks.

If you have neighbours, are they going to mind if your Dachshund barks a lot? Dachshunds can be very noisy and some will bark at the slightest little noise.

Training them to be quiet is possible, but takes a lot of work and consistency. However, for older Dachshunds that are set in their ways, it will likely be much harder.

Adopted Dachshund settling into their new home
Adopted Dachshund settling into their new home

Can you afford to look after a Dachshund?

You’ll need to factor in costs for food, pet insurance, routine vet bills, equipment like dog bowls and a leash, and day care or a dog walker (if you’re going to be out of the house during the day).

Dachshunds can be expensive to look after and all those little costs really do add up.

Do you have the time to look after a Dachshund properly?

Dachshunds are energetic little things that need at least 30-60 minutes exercise a day, including walks and playtime.

Then there’s the time it takes to do regular training with your Dachshund to keep that feisty nature in check!

Some Dachshunds can also struggle with separation anxiety and may need someone to be with them for most of the day.

In general, Dachshunds are quite needy. They’re pack animals that like being involved and having people around.

So, can you make time for a Dachshund within your family?

Can you deal with behavioural issues if they arise?

While the dog shelter will tell you as much as they can about your Dachshund’s history, sometimes they just don’t know much about the dog at all.

If this is the case with your Dachshund, just take things slow. Keep them on a leash, and be extra careful around other dogs, cats and children until you know what they’re like.

Introduce your Dachshund to new situations sensitively and look out for any signs that they’re getting agitated. They may need a bit of extra training on anything they get worked up about.

Will your other pets be OK with a Dachshund?

If you have other dogs or cats, will they be accepting of a new Dachshund?

If you know that your existing pets are funny around other dogs, it probably wouldn’t be fair to bring a Dachshund into their home.

So let the dog shelter know that you have another dog or cat, so they can match you with a Dachshund that’s OK with other pets.

Rescue Dachshund living with another dog and cat
Rescue Dachshund living with another dog and cat

Will your children play carefully with your Dachshund?

Your children must know how to look after your new Dachshund properly, for his safety and theirs too!

Dachshunds are not toys and their backs are very delicate. So children could easily hurt them if they don’t play carefully or pick them up the wrong way.

While most Dachshunds are great with kids, they also have the potential to nip or growl if they get scared or hurt.

What Questions Should I Ask When Adopting A Dachshund?

Before you commit to adopting or rehoming a Dachshund, there are some questions you should ask.

  • How old is the Dachshund?
  • Has the Dachshund been neutered?
  • Are the Dachshund’s vaccinations up to date?
  • When are the next vaccinations due?
  • Does the Dachshund have any health problems?
  • Why is the Dachshund in a dog shelter?
  • How long has the Dachshund been at the dog shelter?
  • Has the Dachshund been adopted before? (If so, why were they returned?)
  • Was the Dachshund abused? 
  • Was the Dachshund in a puppy farm?
  • Does the Dachshund have any behavioural issues?
  • What’s the Dachshund like with other dogs?
  • What’s the Dachshund like with cats? (if you have any)
  • What’s the Dachshund like with kids?
  • What’s the Dachshund like around strangers?
  • What sort of training has the Dachshund had?
  • Is the Dachshund potty trained?
  • How is the Dachshund used to sleeping (e.g. in a crate, in a bed, with someone else)?
  • Does the Dachshund travel well?

The more you know about your new Dachshund, the more you’ll understand their character and behaviour when you bring them into your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Dachshund?

The adoption fees for a Dachshund usually range from around $75 to $350 in the US and £150 to £300 in the UK. This depends on the individual dog shelter, the age of the Dachshund and any health issues they may have.

Some dog shelters just ask for a donation, which they’ll agree with you during the application process.

Depending on the dog shelter, some adoption fees may include spaying or neutering, vaccinations, worming and microchips.

So check what you need to pay for and what will be covered by the dog shelter before you get your Dachshund.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Adopt A Dachshund Rather Than Shop?

Dachshunds are rarely available at dog shelters in the UK and Australia. This means it’s not easy to adopt them and the waiting lists are huge. This is why people tend to buy Dachshunds in these Countries. In the US, there are any many more Dachshunds in dog shelters looking for forever homes.

It’s always lovely to adopt a Dachshund if you can, rather than buy a new puppy. Finding a Dachshund that needs a home and giving them the love they deserve is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

So, there you have it! There are many Dachshunds in dog shelters around the world looking for forever homes. So, if you have room in your home and your heart, you could be just the family they’re waiting for. Contact your local dog shelter today!

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How Do You Adopt A Rescue Dachshund?
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