Do I Need Pet Insurance For My Dachshund?

dachshund pet insurance

Are you thinking of getting pet insurance for your new Dachshund? Maybe you’re trying to work out what level of cover you need? Or are you confused by all the different types of policies available? Here’s everything you need to know about Dachshunds and pet insurance.

Do I Need Pet Insurance for My Dachshund? Yes, it’s strongly recommended that all owners get pet insurance for their Dachshund as soon as the puppy arrives home. One in four Dachshunds are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and treatment for this condition can be extremely costly.

But, before you start searching for the best deal on pet insurance, there’s more you need to know! Read on to find out what you need to consider, what’s generally covered under the policy, what’s not normally covered, and what happens if you don’t insure your Dachshund.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. All pet insurance providers and policies are different. So speak to your individual pet insurance provider to find out what they DO and DO NOT cover.

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Dachshund?

On average, pet insurance for a Dachshund costs around $45-$60 per month in the US, and around £25-£35 per month in the UK. In general, Dachshunds are a bit more expensive to insure than other dog breeds, because they’re so prone to back injuries.

The cost of pet insurance really depends on:

  • How old your Dachshund is
  • The type of cover you want
  • If your Dachshund has any pre-existing conditions
  • How comprehensive you want your cover to be

What Are The Most Important Things To Consider About Dachshund Pet Insurance?

You have to be careful with pet insurance and make sure you read the small print. If your Dachshund isn’t properly covered or the information you’ve provided isn’t correct, your claim may be turned down.

That means the insurer may not pay up for any vet bills. If this happens, it could obviously end up costing you a fortune!

So, here are some things to consider when you’re looking for pet insurance for your Dachshund:

Any pre-existing conditions

Many pet insurers don’t cover pets with pre-existing conditions. This is an illness or injury that the Dachshund had before being insured with the provider.

This means you might have a bit of trouble getting insured if your Dachshund has already needed vet treatment.

However, there are pet insurance providers out there who offer specific cover for Dachshunds with pre-existing conditions.

For example, UK based Bought By Many has a specific “Pre-Existing” policy that covers your Dachshund as long as you haven’t made a claim in the previous 3 months.

There will be other insurers that offer similar types of cover too, so just search online for ‘pre-existing pet insurance’ or ask your provider about it.

Just make sure you declare any pre-existing conditions when applying for pet insurance. That way you know you’ll be covered if you do need to make a claim.

A Dachshund insured with a Lifetime Cover policy
A Dachshund insured with a Lifetime Cover policy

Type of cover

There are many different types of policies, depending on what you want your Dachshund to be covered for.

The main ones are:

Lifetime Cover
Lifetime cover is where the insurer covers your Dachshund’s fees every year, up to the specified limit on your policy.

In the UK, most owners recommended you cover Dachshunds for at least £12K or $15K worth of vet fees. Some even suggest £15K is better, to fully cover you if your Dachshund gets Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).

If you renew your Dachshund’s lifetime policy each year, the specified vet fee limit will then reset. This happens even if your Dachshund got sick or injured in the previous year and you had to make a claim.

A lifetime policy will also cover any conditions your Dachshund gets during their lifetime (as long as you stay with the same pet insurance provider).

This is great because, with non-lifetime policies, you may struggle to insure your Dachshund as he gets older or if he develops any health conditions.

Lifetime cover is probably the most popular and recommended option for Dachshunds. It’s definitely the most comprehensive type of cover, but it’s usually the most expensive option too!

Not only that, you also have to expect a cost increase at renewal each year. As your Dachshund gets older, your pet insurance premiums will go up.

Annual Cover
Annual cover is where you pay for pet insurance on a rolling annual basis, in case you want to change insurers in the future.

This is generally a bit cheaper, but the cover is less comprehensive than the lifetime option.

You may also find it harder to get pet insurance as your Dachshund gets older, or if they develop any health conditions.

Accident-Only Cover
If you only want to cover your Dachshund for accidents (not illnesses), you can get accident-only cover. This is cheaper but obviously much less comprehensive.

Dachshunds may need ongoing treatment for illnesses like Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) rather than accidents, so it may not be that helpful having accident-only cover for a Dachshund unless you’re putting a lot of extra money aside.

Maximum Cover
A maximum cover policy will insure your Dachshund for each individual injury or illness, capped at a specified set amount.

You’ll have a choice of how much you want your Dachshund to be covered for. The insurer will give you options for maximum amounts of coverage per year, per condition per year, or per condition.

The average pre-set limit is normally around $1500, and that wouldn’t cover your Dachshund for the cost of IVDD. It also isn’t ideal if your Dachshund develops a long-term illness.

Note: This is a general guide, so you need to check with your individual pet insurance provider what types of cover they offer.

Policy excess

When you make a claim on your pet insurance, you normally have to contribute either a fixed amount per claim or a percentage of the final vet bill.

However, some insurers don’t charge an excess on Lifetime policies for dogs under 9 years old. Again, this is very dependent on the provider and each policy, so make sure you read the small print.

Fixed excess policies usually have slightly higher premiums, while percentage-based excess policies have slightly lower premiums. So basically, the insurance will cost you less if you agree to pay a percentage of the vet bill.

In theory this sounds great, but, in reality, IVDD surgery costs thousands, so the excess could add up to quite a hefty amount.

Most pet owners prefer the fixed fee option as it means they don’t have to worry so much about the cost of the overall vet bill. This way you’ll know up front how much you have to contribute should your Dachshund need treatment.

You may also have the option to increase your excess to bring the pet insurance premium down. Speak to your pet insurance provider if you’re interested in doing this, and see if it’s something they offer.

What does pet insurance cover a Dachshund for?
What does pet insurance cover a Dachshund for?

What Does Pet Insurance Cover A Dachshund For?

Depending on your individual provider and the type of policy you choose, pet insurance generally covers you for:

Loss or theft of your Dachshund

Sadly, with the increase in popularity and cost of Dachshunds, dog theft is on the rise.

No amount of money will ever compensate you for the disappearance of a Dachshund, but providers can insure you against this. Although, for some policies, you may have to add ‘dog theft and loss’ as an additional option.

If you don’t want to be covered for dog theft and loss, some pet insurance companies may allow you to remove this option to lower your premium slightly.

Treatment for an illness or injury

Pet insurance providers cover a Dachshund for illness and injury. Unless your Dachshund had a pre-existing condition before you took out insurance with that provider.

Dental treatment

In general, pet insurance only covers dental care that relates to accident or illness. Many policies don’t cover routine dental care or cleaning, unless it’s been added on to the policy as part of a special ‘care package’.

Death of a Dachshund

Most insurance providers will only pay out if a Dachshund dies because of an accident, rather than an illness, although some policies do cover both.

Liability cover

Liability cover is for incidents involving your Dachshund that cause injury to a person or another pet, or cause damage to property.

Note: This is a general guide, so you need to check with your pet insurance provider what they DO and DO NOT cover.

What Isn’t Covered Under Pet Insurance For A Dachshund?

Most pet insurance won’t cover your Dachshund for routine or preventative treatments, as these are just costs that you’d expect to pay as a dog owner.

These include:

Many policies don’t cover routine dental care or teeth cleaning either. They’ll only cover dental work if your Dachshund needs treatment because of an accident or illness.

Note: This is a general guide, so you need to check with your individual pet insurance provider what they DO and DO NOT cover.

Can Senior Dachshunds Get Pet Insurance?

Senior Dachshund pet insurance
Senior Dachshund pet insurance

If your Dachshund is more than about 8 years old, you may find it harder to insure them. Older dogs are more likely to get sick and need treatment, so many pet insurance providers won’t take on that risk.

Saying that, there are some providers who offer insurance policies specifically for older dogs, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

If you can get your Dachshund insured on a lifetime policy when they’re still young, this is definitely the best option. This means they’ll be covered for life against any illnesses and injuries they may get as they age.

Will My Dachshund’s Pet Insurance Premium Go Up?

Yes, it’s very common for your pet insurance premium to go up each year. As your Dachshund gets older, he’s more likely to get sick, making him riskier to cover.

Some pet insurers have an introductory offer where you get a great price for 6-12 months, which then goes up when you renew your policy. This is totally normal. Although some insurers have much steeper renewal prices than others.

Premiums may also go up if you make a claim during the previous year. Not all insurance providers increase premiums when claims are made, but most do.

So, before you settle on a pet insurance provider, it’s a good idea to read customer reviews to see what people are saying. Ask for owner recommendations on Dachshund Facebook Groups too.

Although it’ll be different for each pet insurance provider, there tends to be more of a price hike when a Dachshund gets to around age 7 and age 9-10.

Can I Switch My Dachshund’s Pet Insurance Provider?

You can switch your Dachshund’s pet insurance to a new company, but think carefully before you do. If your Dachshund needed treatment for an illness or injury in the past, it may be better to stay with your current provider.

A lot of insurers won’t insure pets above a certain age or with pre-existing conditions. And, if they do offer insurance, they may charge a really high premium for it or exclude certain conditions.

So make sure you read the small print of the policy and be upfront about any injuries or illnesses your Dachshund has. If you’re unsure, check your Dachshund’s medical records at your vets.

If any of your Dachshund’s information is inaccurate on the policy, your insurer may not pay out when you make a claim. This’ll leave you with the entire vet bill to pay which could be very costly, especially for something like IVDD.

Does My Dachshund’s Pet Insurance Cover Medications?

In general, pet insurance normally covers medications that are prescribed by your vet to treat an accident or illness.

However, the insurer probably won’t cover medication for a pre-existing condition that happened to your Dachshund before the policy was taken out.

It probably won’t make sense to claim small amounts for medications (plus they may not even be covered). You’ll also need to consider your policy excess (the amount you have to contribute towards the bill) and future insurance premiums too.

Note: This is a general guide, so you need to check with your individual pet insurance provider what they DO and DO NOT cover.

Do I Get Money Back If I Don’t Claim On My Dachshund’s Insurance?

There are some pet insurers that offer a rebate on your premium if you don’t make a claim for your Dachshund during that year. This very much depends on the individual provider and policy, but it’s worth asking if that option is available.

What Happens If I Don’t Insure My Dachshund?

There’s nothing to say you absolutely have to insure your Dachshund. But, the problem with Dachshunds is that 1 in 4 of them suffer from back issues.

This means there’s a 25% chance you’ll need to pay out for back treatment at some point in their life. If you don’t have pet insurance, you’re liable to pay the bill in full for any vet visits and treatment your Dachshund needs.

You also have to think about liability. If your Dachshund isn’t insured and runs out into the road causing an accident, you could be liable for that. Having the right pet insurance in place gives you peace of mind.

Can I Self-Insure My Dachshund?

Some people prefer to ‘self-insure’, which is when you put money aside regularly to cover any vet bills as and when they occur. However, treatment for IVDD can cost many thousands, so obviously this can get very expensive if you’re paying for it yourself!

How Does My Dachshund’s Vet Bill Get Paid?

If your Dachshund becomes unwell and needs veterinary treatment, there will obviously be a bill to pay.

Most pet insurance providers will be happy to pay your vet direct. This saves you having to pay out and then recoup the costs from the insurance company.

All you need to do is hand over your insurance details to your Vet and they do the rest.

If your pet insurance doesn’t offer this service, it’s worth finding out how long claims take to process.

Is It Cheaper To Insure Two Dachshunds?

Some insurance providers offer a small discount if you insure more than one pet with them. Multi-pet insurance can reduce the premium cost by around 5-10%. Although, this discount will vary depending on the individual pet insurance provider.

What About The Free Insurance From My Dachshund’s Breeder?

Some dog breeders give around 5 weeks free pet insurance when you buy the Dachshund pup. Don’t wait for this insurance to run out before you sort out your own.

Most pet insurance providers don’t cover you for claims in the first 14 days of the policy starting. Therefore, it’s best to get new pet insurance is in place 2 weeks before the breeder’s insurance runs out. That way you’re covered at all times should anything happen.

So, there you have it! Getting pet insurance for your Dachshund is strongly advised. Lifetime cover is a popular option with owners, ideally with £12K to £15K (or $15K) worth of vet fees. Dachshunds are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and treatment for this condition can be very expensive. So it’s better to be safely insured, than sorry!

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Do I need pet insurance for my Dachshund?
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