Are Male Or Female Dachshunds Better?

Are Male Or Female Dachshunds Better?

Are you thinking about getting a Dachshund? Are you wondering whether male or female Dachshunds are better? Do you want to know if there are different personality traits between the two? Here’s everything you need to know about male and female Dachshunds!

Are Male Or Female Dachshunds better? Male Dachshunds tend to be more fun-loving, affectionate, easy going, even-tempered and clownish. Whereas Female Dachshunds are more reserved, independent self-assured, temperamental and can have mood swings. Both are stubborn and can be hard to train.

Read on to find out the difference between male and female Dachshunds, what they’re really like to live with, whether they look different, and how to choose the one that’s right for you!

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

Do Male And Female Dachshunds Have Different Personalities? 

Yes, male and female Dachshunds can have slightly different personalities. In general, male Dachshunds are more fun-loving, clownish, even-tempered and dependent. While female Dachshunds tend to be more independent, temperamental and reserved.

But there are plenty of Dachshund owners who would say their dogs are the opposite of this!

Every Dachshund has their own personality. You might find that your Dachshund doesn’t follow any of the specific traits that are usually associated with either males or females.

What Are Male Dachshunds Like?

This is what male Dachshunds are like:

  1. Male Dachshunds are more snuggly
  2. Male Dachshunds are more welcoming of strangers and may even give them a cuddle!
  3. Male Dachshunds stay puppy-like all their lives
  4. Male Dachshunds ADORE attention and will happily let you fuss over them for ages
  5. Male Dachshunds can be very demanding of your attention!
  6. Male Dachshunds are very loyal to their humans (this is lovely but you need to train them not to be over-protective of you, as this is where behavioural issues come into play)
  7. Male Dachshunds are more fun-loving and LOVE playtime
  8. Male Dachshunds are great at being silly and clownish
  9. Male Dachshunds are very outgoing and more open to new people
  10. Male Dachshunds are consistent in their moods
  11. Male Dachshunds tend to become more attached to their humans
  12. Males are said to bond quicker with children
  13. Male Dachshunds are very food-oriented (which makes training all the easier!)
  14. Male Dachshunds are more likely to mark their territory by leaving a scent (pee!) on objects inside your home. Normally on things like walls, furniture or curtains.
  15. Male Dachshunds love to please you, especially when they get lots of praise for it (again, perfect for training!)
  16. Male Dachshunds are more likely to hump things if they haven’t been neutered, although neutering doesn’t always stop this behaviour.
  17. Male Dachshunds don’t have seasons to deal with (like females do) but, before being neutered, they will be able to impregnate females who are in heat so need to be watched very closely.

These traits won’t apply to ALL male Dachshunds as each dog is different and has a different personality. These are just some of the general things people say about male Dachshunds.

Difference in personality of male and female Dachshunds
Difference in personality of male and female Dachshunds

What Are Female Dachshunds Like?

This is what female Dachshunds are like:

  1. Female Dachshunds love attention too, but want it on their terms and will move away when they’ve had enough (not like males who just want MORE all the time!)
  2. Female Dachshunds like fussing in smaller doses
  3. Female Dachshunds mature faster than male Dachshunds (males are just big puppies forever)
  4. Female Dachshunds are more independent and reserved than males. This can make them seem aloof or standoffish (but really it’s just their way and doesn’t mean they’re not affectionate!)
  5. Female Dachshunds are very task-oriented. This means they seem to be more focused when you’re training them, but don’t seem to get so much enjoyment from it as males
  6. Female Dachshunds seem to be more territorial and wary of strangers
  7. Female Dachshunds like to be in control and may get sulky if they don’t get their own way (you’ll know because she’ll give you the silent treatment and the side eye!)
  8. Female Dachshunds are definitely more prone to mood swings – she’s absolutely lovely when she’s in a good mood, but may get a bit grumpy if she’s in a bad mood
  9. Female Dachshunds are known to be a bit wily when it comes to getting their own way
  10. Female Dachshunds are happy to sleep a lot during the day
  11. Female Dachshunds are more prone to gaining weight, especially after being spayed (although both males and females are prone to obesity)
  12. Female Dachshund that haven’t yet been spayed can have phantom pregnancies (where they believe they are pregnant when they’re not).
  13. Female Dachshunds that haven’t yet been spayed will go into heat every 6-10 months for about 3-4 weeks at a time. During this time her mood and behaviour will change and there’ll be some bleeding to deal with.
  14. Female Dachshunds that haven’t yet been spayed can fall pregnant if not watched closely during their heat cycle

These traits won’t apply to ALL female Dachshunds as each dog is different and has a different personality. These are just some of the general things people say about female Dachshunds.

Do Male And Female Dachshunds Look Different?

Male Dachshunds are often slightly bigger than female Dachshunds, who are generally a bit more petite. This isn’t hugely obvious though, because all Dachshunds are small. Male Dachshunds also tend to have lusher coats than females.

Once female Dachshunds are spayed their coats can lose lustre and change texture. When male Dachshunds are neutered they can also have coat texture changes. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘spay coat’ or ‘neuter coat’.

The only other visual thing that’s different about male and female Dachshunds is obviously their private parts!

Difference in looks of male and female Dachshunds
Difference in looks of male and female Dachshunds

Are Male Or Female Dachshunds Better If I Already Have A Dog?

If you’re getting a Dachshund and already have a dog in your home, the decision of male or female can influence how well the two dogs gel. However, this isn’t always the case and it’s also got a lot to do with the personalities of the individual dogs.

Two females are more likely to fight

In general, female dogs are more likely to fight with other female dogs. This is because females are often dominant, so they might feel threatened by a new female in their home.

On the other hand, males are typically more submissive so a female dog may not see him as a threat.

Female dogs can get quite vicious when they fight and they can also hold grudges. So, if they don’t get along, this could be an ongoing issue.

But, then again, there are some female dogs that live happily together and get along just fine, so it really does depend on the dog.

You need to know your dog

It’s best to only introduce a female Dachshund into your home with another female dog if you’re VERY confident your dog won’t get jealous or territorial.

If you already have a male dog, it may be best to add a female Dachshund. But this isn’t to say your dog won’t accept a male. Again, you’ll just need to understand the two individual dogs and monitor the situation carefully.

The safest option is generally to go for the opposite when you’re bringing a new dog into your home. So, if you have a male get a female, and if you have a female get a male.

However, it’s still very important to understand the individual personalities of both dogs to make sure they’re not going to clash.

If both dogs are dominant and strong-willed, for example, then they’re more likely to fight, regardless of whether they’re male or female.

It’s best to work with the dog shelter or ask the dog breeder to find a Dachshund that’s going to balance your existing dog’s temperament. 

Dachshund living happily with another breed of dog
Dachshund living happily with another breed of dog

Is It Better To Get A Male Or Female Dachshund?

Male and female Dachshunds can have different personality traits. Males are more affectionate, fun-loving, easy going, clownish and even-tempered. While female Dachshunds tend to be more reserved, moody, temperamental, self-assured and independent.

However, most male and female Dachshunds do share the same Dachshund traits of being loyal, stubborn, noisy, smart, territorial and hard to train!

How do you choose between a male or female Dachshund?

When choosing a male or female Dachshund, take into account whether you already have a dog, and when you plan to get your Dachshund neutered or spayed.

Research suggests neutering isn’t recommended for Dachshunds until they’re at least 12 months old. So would you prefer to deal with a randy male or a female in heat?

It’s not really about whether males or female Dachshunds are better, it’s about which suits you and your situation best.

Dachshunds are the best companions and the most adorable pets, and this doesn’t change regardless of whether they’re male or female.

While there do seem to be some general personality traits that are specific to both males and females, there are loads of Dachshunds out there who these don’t apply to.

Plus, if you’re buying your Dachshund as a puppy, you’ll be working with him or her on training and socialisation from a young age. So they might not even develop these traits!

Dachshunds have such individual personalities, so it really depends on the individual Dachshund, rather than whether they’re male or female.

If you’re getting an adult Dachshund from a dog shelter, the centre should be able to give you information about their personality.

If you’re buying a Dachshund puppy from a dog breeder, ask the breeder about the personalities of the puppies in the litter and choose from there.

So, there you have it! Male and female Dachshunds do have slightly different personalities but every single dog is different. Each Dachshund is just as adorable as the other, so the decision of male or female will be almost impossible to make!

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Are Male or Female Dachshunds better?
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