How To Teach A Dachshund To Leave It

dachshund being trained the leave it command

Have you got a new Dachshund puppy? Do you want to train them how to leave things when you ask? Maybe you don’t know how to stop your Dachshund picking up things they shouldn’t? Here’s how to teach your Dachshund to leave it.

How To Teach A Dachshund To Leave It:

  1. Get some training treats
  2. Ask your Dachshund to ‘Sit!’
  3. Put one treat in each of your hands
  4. Close your hand around a treat
  5. Ask your Dachshund to ‘Leave It!’
  6. Treat your Dachshund from the other hand
  7. Practice the command with an open hand
  8. Leave treats on the floor
  9. Try the command outside
  10. Phase out treats

But, before you start training your Dachshund with basic commands, there’s more you need to know! Read on for tips on how to teach your Dachshund to ‘leave it’ and what you need to do next.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

How To Teach A Dachshund To Leave It

‘Leave it’ is the perfect command to help you control your Dachshund’s attempts to pick up and eat everything he sees!

As a comical breed, Dachshunds love to steal things when you’re not looking! This can be very funny, but it can also be more serious if they get hold of something that’s a potential choking hazard.

That’s one reason why ‘Leave it’ is such an important command. It’s also useful to be able to stop your Dachshund from eating all the gross stuff like poop he finds on the ground when you’re out on walks

It’s one of the main basic commands to teach your Dachshund while he’s still a puppy!

Get some training treats

For ‘leave it’ to work, you’re going to need two treats each time you use the command. One that your Dachshund needs to leave alone, and another one to reward him with when he does leave the first treat alone.

It’s better if the treat you’re asking your Dachshund to leave is something he likes, and the treat you’re rewarding him with is something he absolutely LOVES!

That way, your Dachshund will learn he’s getting a higher value reward if he leaves the other treat alone. 

Ask your Dachshund to sit

It’s best to get your Dachshund to sit in front of you before teaching him the new ‘leave it’ command. So if you haven’t taught him how to sit yet, go back and do that first.

Put a treat in your hand

Place a small treat in one of your hands. Let your Dachshund see that you’ve got it, and then close the palm of your hand into a fist.

He’s probably going to try and get at the treat by licking your hand, so make sure you don’t let him have it. 

Be patient

Wait until your Dachshund takes his attention away or moves his head back from the treat in your closed hand.

At first, he probably won’t back off for very long, but the moment he does, give him a reward treat from your OTHER hand.

He’ll slowly start to understand he’s getting a reward when he ignores the treat in your hand.

So that they’re easy to access, it’s best to keep your reward treats in your other hand, or in your pocket or even a little treat pouch.

Open your hand

Once your Dachshund has got the hang of taking his eyes off the treat and leaving it alone, it’s time to try opening your hand.

This is a risky operation with high temptation, so make sure you’re ready to close your hand quickly if your Dachshund tries to snatch the treat from you.

Ask your Dachshund to ‘Leave It’

With an open hand, say the command ‘leave it’.

Reward your Dachshund if he decides to back off from the treat but make sure you treat him from the OTHER hand (not the hand holding the treat that you want him to leave).

Dachshund being trained how to 'leave it!'
Dachshund being trained how to ‘leave it!’

Put the treat on the floor

When you’ve repeated ‘leave it’ with an open hand and your Dachshund is doing well, it’s time to put the treat on the floor.

This is a real test of your Dachshund’s ability to leave things and how well he’s learn’t the new command.

Have your foot ready to cover the treat if your Dachshund tries to reach for it!

Say the command, ‘leave it’, and when your Dachshund looks up at you instead of down at the treat on the floor, give him the reward and lots of praise.

Move back from the treat

After lots of practice, it’s time to try leaving a treat on the floor and walking back a few steps.

Place the treat down, say ‘leave it’ and then walk four steps backwards. Your Dachshund should understand by now to leave the treat where it is and wait for you to treat him.

When he successfully resists the treat on the floor, reward him with the higher value treat in your hand.

Move away from the treat

Now it’s time to really test out this new command and your Dachshund’s ability to ‘leave it’.

Ask our Dachshund to ‘sit‘. Put a treat on the floor and then walk away or just stop paying attention to your Dachshund.

You may need to repeat the words ‘leave it’ a couple of times but just carry on doing something else and don’t pay him much attention.

Wait for about 30 seconds and then walk back over and reward your Dachshund for leaving it.

Be sure to walk back towards him to treat him so he understands he’s being rewarded for leaving the treat where it is. Not for coming towards you.

Then increase the time you ask your Dachshund to ‘leave it’ before giving him the treat.

Practice makes perfect

Try the ‘leave it’ command over and over again in short but frequent sessions to get the best progress out of your Dachshund.

Short sessions are more likely to keep him interested and engaged.

Go outside

For the final step, it’s time to try the command outside in the garden where there are more distractions around.

Use the command ‘leave it’ and reward your Dachshund when he listens to you.

Phase out treats

Dachshunds are prone to obesity so it’s best to phase out the treats in exchange for tummy tickles and praise.

You can also teach the ‘leave it’ command using dog toys or balls or anything else you know your Dachshund loves!

So, there you have it! Teaching your Dachshund the ‘leave it’ command is so helpful for stopping him picking up and eating everything he sees! Once you get him to ‘Sit‘, ‘Lay Down’, ‘Stay’ and then ‘leave it’, move on to the next command and continue with your Dachshund’s training!

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