How Do You Pronounce The Word Dachshund?

How to pronounce the word Dachshund

Are you a bit unsure how to pronounce the word Dachshund? Maybe you’ve heard different pronunciations and aren’t sure which is right. Here’s everything need to know about the correct pronunciation of the word Dachshund.

How Do You Pronounce The Word Dachshund? Break the German word Dachshund into two words – dachs (pronounced ‘dax’) and hund (pronounced ‘hoont’ or ‘huhnt’). Then swap the German ‘t’ sound at the end for a ‘d’ sound, like when pronouncing words like ‘hound’. So ‘dax-huhnd’ (rather than ‘dax-huhnt’).

But, before you start practicing how to pronounce the word ‘Dachshund’, there’s more you need to know. Read on to find out how the Dachshund got its name, what the word ‘Dachshund’ means, and the list of fun nicknames that Dachshund owners love to use!

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

How To Pronounce The Word Dachshund

‘Dachshund’ is a German word made up of the two words ‘dachs’ and ‘hund’. To get the hang of the pronunciation, break it into two separate words: ‘dachs’ (pronounced ‘dax’) and ‘hund’ (pronounced ‘hoont’ or ‘huhnt’ (it’s more of an ‘uh’ sound than an ‘oo’). Then swap the ‘t’ for a ‘d’.

It’s perfectly fine to swap the German ‘t’ sound at the end for a ‘d’ sound, like we’re used to when pronouncing words like ‘hound’. So say ‘dax-huhnd’ rather than ‘dax-huhnt’.

This is a more natural way to say ‘Dachshund’ in the US or the UK, with less of the German pronunciation.

However, a lot of people in the US actually pronounce ‘Dachshund’ more like ‘Dochs-hund’, or ‘Dock-sund’ which has more to do with the American accent.

‘Dachshund’ is definitely one of those dog breed names people struggle to pronounce or say correctly!

Lots of people incorrectly say ‘Dash-und’ or ‘Dash-hound’, which is understandable because it’s spelt that way! But, the correct way to pronounce Dachshund is actually ‘Dachs-hund’ (which sounds like ‘dax-hund’).

However if you want to say ‘Dash-und’ then that’s totally fine. It may not technically be right but people will know exactly what dog breed you mean!

How Did The Dachshund Get Its Name? 

The Dachshund got its name from the purpose it was bred for, which was to hunt badgers. ‘Dachs’ meaning ‘badger’, and ‘hund’ meaning ‘dog’. It was originally bred to dig into badger holes and flush out badgers so they could be hunted.

That’s why a Dachshund has such a long, low body and stubby legs that let it tunnel into small spaces, with large paws that are perfect for digging.

It’s also why a Dachshund has a long nose that lets it sniff out prey easily.

The miniature Dachshund was created because hunters needed a smaller version of the dog that could burrow into rabbit holes to flush out rabbits.

Both breeds are originally from Germany and are thought to have been around since the 15th century.

What Does The Word Dachshund Mean?

The word ‘Dachshund’ literally means ‘badger dog’! ‘Dachs’ is German for ‘badger’, and ‘hund’ is German for ‘dog’. Some people translate it as ‘badger hound’, but it basically means the same thing.

According to 18th century records, the Dachshund breed was originally called a ‘Dachs Kriecher’ which means ‘badger crawler’ or ‘Dachs Krieger’ which means ‘badger warrior’! 

How Do You Spell Dachshund?

The correct spelling of Dachshund is D-A-C-H-S-H-U-N-D. Lots of people get confused with the ‘chs’ part, missing out the ‘ch’ so they spell it ‘Dashund’ – but this is incorrect. The official dog breed name is spelt ‘Dachshund’.

If you get muddled, remember that it’s made up of two words: ‘dachs’ and ‘hund’. If you keep that in mind when you’re spelling it, you should find it much easier.

Why Are Dachshunds Called Daxies?

A ‘Daxie’ is what a lot of people call Dachshunds in the UK. It’s just a shortened nickname of Dachshund and is pronounced ‘dachs-y’ or ‘dax-y’. You’ll often hear people calling Dachshunds ‘Daxies’ or ‘Daxie dogs’ in the UK.

But then you also have miniature Dachshunds, which are sometimes called ‘mini Daxies’ or ‘mini Daxie dogs’.

How do you pronounce the word Dachshund? Dachshund with the nickname 'Doxie'
Dachshund with the nickname ‘Doxie’

Why Are Dachshunds Called Doxies?

‘Doxie’ is a common nickname for Dachshunds in the US. It’s a shortened version of the name Dachshund (pronounced ‘dox-y’) and sounds like ‘box’. The UK version of the nickname is ‘Daxie’ which has a slightly different pronunciation that sounds like ‘axe’.

Why Are Dachshunds Called Sausage Dogs?

Dachshunds are often referred to as ‘sausage dogs’ because their low, lengthy, rounded bodies make them look like little sausages! ‘Sausage dog’ is one of the most popular nicknames for Dachshunds in the UK, and ‘Wiener dog’ is more common in the US, but it basically means the same thing.

You can just imagine a little Dachshund sandwiched in a hot dog bun looking all cute and sausage-like!

Why Are Dachshunds Called Wiener Dogs?

Dachshunds are often called ‘wiener dogs’ or ‘wieners’ because they look like hot dogs. It’s the US equivalent name for ‘sausage dogs’. Wiener is just a cute and comedic nickname given to Dachshunds because of their long, low, rounded body shape.

Given a Dachshunds funny, silly, clown-like personality, the word ‘wiener’ is just perfectly suited to them. They definitely trot around like little hot dogs!

Why Are Dachshunds Called Dotsons?

The word ‘Dotson’ basically came about because people mispronounced or misheard the word ‘Dachshund’ or ‘Doxie’ and it ended up as ‘Dotson’!

People also say ‘Doxin’ as well, so you can see how the word has been misheard. And then because people mispronounce it and mishear it, they spell it wrong too.

So now ‘Dotson dogs’ has become another nickname for the Dachshund, although it’s definitely not an official one or used as often as the others!

Why Are Dachshunds Called Teckels?

‘Teckel’ is a common word for Dachshunds in the north of Germany (other regions call them ‘Dackels’). Among hunters, Dachshunds are called ‘Teckel’ wherever you are in Germany.

In the UK, the word ‘Teckel’ actually refers to a wire-haired Dachshund that is a working dog. So while it refers to all types of Dachshund in Germany, it has a specific meaning in the UK.

Why Are Dachshunds Called Dackels?

‘Dackel’ is what Dachshunds are generally called in the south of Germany. Unlike ‘Teckel’, which has a more specialised meaning among hunters, ‘Dackel’ is a more common word for the breed as a whole.

While hunters and people in the north of Germany might say ‘Teckel’, everybody else in Germany will probably use the word ‘Dackel’ to refer to Dachshunds.

Dachshund with the nickname 'wiener dog'
Dachshund with the nickname ‘wiener dog’

What Are The Different Names People Call Dachshunds?

There are lots of different names, nicknames and spellings for Dachshunds! They include:

Sausage Dog

Dachshunds are called ‘sausage dogs’ because of their long, rounded, sausage-like shape.

Wiener Dog

‘Weiner dog’ is the same as ‘sausage dog’ but with the American word used for hot dog or sausage.


‘Wiener’ is a shortened version of ‘wiener dog’, popularly used as a nickname for Dachshunds in the US.


‘Weiner’ is actually an incorrect spelling of ‘wiener’ but a lot of people still use this as a nickname for Dachshunds.


‘Daxie’ is a shortened name for Dachshund and is pronounced ‘dachs-y’ or ‘dax-y’. It’s mainly used in the UK.


‘Doxie’ is a shortened name for Dachshund and is pronounced ‘dox-y’. It’s mainly used in America and is the US equivalent of ‘Daxie’.


The nickname ‘Doxin’ is just a mishearing of ‘Doxie’, but it’s quite cute and Dachshund owners know what it means!


‘Datsun’ is sometimes used as a nickname but it’s definitely just a mishearing and misspelling of ‘Dachshund’.


‘Dotson’ is probably a development of ‘Doxin’, so another misheard version of ‘Dachshund’.


‘Docsun’ is yet another misheard version of ‘Dachshund’. It’s mainly used in the US where people commonly say ‘Dochs-hund’ rather than ‘Dachs-hund’.


‘Dachsie’ sounds exactly the same as ‘Daxie’ (so a shortened version of ‘Dachshund’ – ‘dachs-y’) but with a slightly different spelling.


‘Dashie’ is another nickname for a Dachshund. It’s likely just a mishearing and misspelling of ‘Dachsie’.


‘Dashund’ is another name people use for a Dachshund. It’s just a mishearing and misspelling of ‘Dachshund’.


‘Tweenie’ is the made up name given to big miniature Dachshunds (not obese). This nickname is given to Dachshunds that weigh above 11 lbs (the maximum weight of a miniature) and below 16 lbs (the minimum weight of a standard). It’s not an official breed.


‘Tweeny’ is just another spelling for ‘Tweenie’. It’s a nickname given to Dachshunds that are in-between the size of a miniature Dachshund and a standard Dachshund.


‘Sausage’ is just a shortened version of the name ‘sausage dog’, so the equivalent of calling a Dachshund a ‘wiener’ in the US.

Dachshund that has the nickname sausage dog
Dachshund that has the nickname sausage dog


A ‘weenie’ is another cute nickname for ‘sausage’ or ‘wiener’ that’s more commonly used in the US.

Badger Dog

‘Badger Dog’ is the official meaning of the German word ‘Dachshund’. ‘Dachs’ means badger and ‘hund’ means dog, reflecting the Dachshunds ancestry as fierce badger hunters!

Badger Hound

‘Badger Hound’ comes from the meaning of the German word ‘Dachshund’. ‘Dachs’ meaning badger and ‘hund’ meaning dog (or hound).


‘Teckel’ is the name used for working wire-haired Dachshunds in the UK, and is also what hunters in Germany call Dachshunds. People in the north of Germany also use the word ‘Teckel’ for Dachshunds.


‘Dackel’ is a common name for Dachshunds in Germany. Most people in Germany will either say ‘Dachshund’, ‘Dackel’ or ‘Teckel’.

What Are The Names For Cross Breed Dachshunds?

You may also hear Dachshunds referred to as:

  • Chiweenie
  • Dorkie
  • Dorgi
  • Pugeenie
  • Doxiepin
  • Doxiepoo

These are names that have been given to Dachshund cross breeds or mixes and are not purebred Dachshunds.

So, there you have it! The German word ‘Dachshund’ is quite hard to pronounce, so break it up into two separate words to make it easier to say and spell. Now repeat after me – ‘Dachs-hund – Dachs-hund – Dachs-hund’!

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How Do You Pronounce The Word Dachshund?
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