How To Get A Dachshund To Potty Outside When It’s Raining

How to get a Dachshund to potty outside in the rain

Does your Dachshund potty inside every time it rains? Are you wondering how to get them to potty outside on wet and miserable days? Here’s everything you need to know about getting your Dachshund to potty outside when it’s raining.

How Do You Get A Dachshund To Potty Outside When It’s Raining?

  1. Start as you mean to go on
  2. Make rewards irresistible
  3. Go outside with your Dachshund
  4. Be patient
  5. Use a raincoat
  6. Get a fleece
  7. Go out and about
  8. Get an umbrella
  9. Use a pop-up tent or table
  10. Make use of covered areas
  11. Go to the same spot
  12. Work on routines

Read on to find out why Dachshunds don’t like to potty outside when it’s raining and tips on how to stop them weeing inside on rainy days!

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

Why Won’t My Dachshund Potty Outside When It’s Raining?

Some Dachshunds won’t potty outside on rainy days because they simply don’t like feeling cold and wet. Dachshunds are also naturally stubborn making them less inclined to do things they don’t want to do.

Unfortunately, Dachshunds get cold pretty quickly. Their short legs mean their bodies are carried much lower to the floor than other dog breeds.

If the ground is wet from the rain, they’re likely to get wet chests and bellies making them feel cold, soggy and uncomfortable, almost immediately. 

They also have thin fur that isn’t very insulating and less body fat than some other dog breeds. Their long bodies have a larger surface area that causes body heat to escape really fast.

In addition, some Dachshunds may be sensitive to stormy sounds, and may become anxious or on edge. This can make it difficult for them to concentrate properly on going for a wee when it’s raining heavily outside. 

But, for the most part, Dachshunds are just smart! They’ve figured out that it’s much nicer for them to piddle inside in nice warm comfort, rather than outside in the cold and wet – and who can blame them?!

How To Get A Dachshund To Potty Outside When It’s Raining

This is how to get a Dachshund to potty outside when it’s raining:

1. Start As You Mean To Go On

When you get your puppy, make sure they go outside to potty in all weathers from day one. This makes it much more likely that they’ll continue to do so throughout their adult lives.

Rewarding your Dachshund puppy for weeing and pooing outdoors forms the basics of their potty training routine.

It’s particularly important to do this consistently in all weathers and not let them get away with doing their business inside, just because it’s raining outside.

You have to be strong-willed and committed with your training so that your Dachshund knows you mean business!

However, there are some exceptions to this. If it’s too cold where you live it may not be safe to take a young puppy outside. Always check with your Vet if you’re unsure.

2. Make Rewards Irresistible

Choose some really high value treats to reward your Dachshund for going outside to potty in the rain.

These should be even more exciting and tasty than your usual potty-training treats.

This will encourage your Dachshund to potty outside when it’s raining, instead of weeing or pooing on the carpet indoors.

If you’re consistent, they’ll soon start to learn that a tasty treat will be heading their way if they potty outside in the rain! 

3. Go Outside With Your Dachshund

Your Dachshund is much less likely to potty outside in the rain if you simply shut them out in the garden or yard and leave them to it.

Instead, you should go outdoors with them and actively encourage them to go.

Use your ‘go potty’ command in a calm tone of voice and go crazy with praise when they potty.

Dachshunds are incredibly loyal and love being with their owners at all times.

So being outside with your Dachshund should make it more fun and rewarding for them, and make them feel like you’re doing it together!

When you go back inside, be sure to towel down your Dachshund to dry them off. Then wrap them up in a warm, cosy blanket so they don’t get cold.

All this attention will reward them even more for going outside to potty in the rain!

Dachshund puppy sat on wet grass with a speech bubble that says 'I won't potty outside in the rain'

4. Be Patient

It’s important that you remain calm with your Dachshund whilst you’re encouraging them to go potty in the rain.

If you get annoyed or stressed with them, this can increase their anxiety levels and make them less likely to go potty in future.

That’s because Dachshunds are sensitive little dogs that will pick up on their owner’s frustrations.

But this is exactly what you’re trying to avoid as your Dachshund may then associate the rain with feelings of stress and you being cross with them.

No matter how long it takes, wait it out with them and keep encouraging them to potty on the grass.

However, if you have a young puppy, you may need to go in and out of your home several times or they could get a bit too cold.

5. Use A Raincoat

If your Dachshund wears a well-fitting waterproof coat, they may find it easier to go potty outside when it’s raining.

It’s important that your Dachshund gets used to wearing the coat and is comfortable in it first. Otherwise this can make things worse and make them feel more stressed, instead of cosy and dry.

You can get your Dachshund used to wearing their coat no matter what the weather, so long as they don’t get too hot on warmer days.

By doing fun activities whilst they’re wearing their coat, they should then begin to associate wearing the coat with good things happening.

Make sure that your Dachshund’s coat fits them well and doesn’t limit their movements, including their ability to squat down or lift their leg to go potty.

6. Get A Fleece

Getting a fleece from a company like Equafleece here in the UK (there will be similar versions in the US), is another great way to keep your Dachshund warm.

The warmer and more insulated your Dachshund feels, the easier it’ll be to persuade them to go outside and potty when it’s raining.

Fleeces are incredibly popular with Dachshund owners because they’re practical, easy to clean, fashionable and functional too!

7. Go out and about

Some Dachshunds love walking and get excited at the thought of going out for a walk. So use this to your advantage!

If your Dachshund is comfortable doing so, take them for a walk in the rain, rather than just letting them outside in the garden or yard to potty.

You may even find that your Dachshund goes for a wee or poo without even giving it too much thought, because they’re just happy to be out and about.

However, this will only work if your Dachshund is keen on walking and loves going everywhere with you.

If they aren’t a big walker, forcing them will only make them more reluctant to go outside in rainy or miserable weather.

Wet Dachshund with a background of rain and umbrella and a speech bubble that says 'I won't potty outside in the rain'

8. Use An Umbrella

You could use a large umbrella to shield both yourself and your Dachshund from the rain when they go outside.

Or even a small umbrella that you just hold over your Dachshund’s body – we’ve all seen the hilarious photos of owners doing this!

This will keep your Dachshund dry, take away the feeling of being rained on, and may help to lessen the sound a bit too.

Heavy rain can make some Dachshunds feel nervous. By shielding them from it, you have much more chance of getting them to potty outside.

And, as an added bonus of using an umbrella, you get to stay dry too!

9. Use A Pop-Up Tent Or Table

A small pop-up tent or garden table on the lawn could be just what you need to encourage your Dachshund to potty outside when it’s raining.

These will not only keep the rain off your Dachshund but also off the ground beneath it, stopping them from getting so wet outside! 

Having that cover and a dry patch of grass underneath will really help when trying to persuade your Dachshund to potty in the rain.

10. Make Use Of Covered Areas 

Other covered areas such as car ports may be useful too. These will keep your Dachshund shielded from the rain whilst still letting them go potty outside.

You could even create a covered or sheltered walkway around your home and garden so that your Dachshund has a dry path to get into the garden or yard to potty.

11. Go To The Same Spot

By training your Dachshund to go potty in the exact same spot, even in dry weather, they’re more likely to understand what they’re being asked to do.

On rainy days, you can just carry your Dachshund to their designated toilet spot and put them down gently on the grass.

Going to the same place each time should make them more likely to potty there, even in the rain.

12. Work On Routines

If you take your Dachshund out to potty at the same times each day and make this part of their daily routine, they’ll be much more likely to potty outside when it’s raining.

That’s because they know they always go outside to potty at specific times, and will then be prepared to make that quick trip outside.

This works especially well if you start the routine from the puppy stage.

If your Dachshund goes out at irregular times during the day, they’ll be much more likely to pick and choose when and where they potty!

If you see them sneaking off to wee or poop inside, say ‘Ah-Ah!’ and then get them outside as quick as you can. The more you correct this behaviour, the more it’ll become routine.

Schedules and routines work best for Dachshunds and make it clear to them what happens during the day and when.

So, there you have it! Dachshunds hate going out to potty in the rain because they simply don’t like getting cold and wet. They’re a stubborn breed making them less inclined to do things they don’t want to do. However, with a consistent and committed approach, it’s possible to teach your Dachshund to potty outside no matter what the weather!

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