Can Dachshunds Fly On A Plane?

Can Dachshunds Fly On A Plane?

Do you need to travel for work or leisure? Are you moving overseas? Do you want to know if your Dachshund can fly on a plane with you? Here’s everything you need to know about whether Dachshunds can fly on a plane! 

Can Dachshunds Fly On A Plane? Dachshunds can fly on planes in secure pet carriers. In the US, some airlines allow Dachshunds in the cabin, and others will require your Dachshund to go in the hold. Different countries have different regulations so you’ll need to check with your airline. 

Read on to find out more about flying with your Dachshund in the cabin, in the hold, or putting him in cargo. And how to make sure your Dachshund has a safe journey! 

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist. The following information is a guide and all details will need to be checked with your specific airline.

Can My Dachshund Fly With Me?

Yes, Dachshunds can fly on a plane with you. However, different countries have different legal requirements for pet travel. 

Also, even if a country does permit pet travel, different airline companies can still have different rules about if and how they allow small dogs, like Dachshunds, to travel on their flights. 

So, you’ll need to check with your individual airline company about their rules for letting small dogs on board a plane. 

Can My Dachshund Fly In The Cabin Of A Plane? 

Yes, many US airlines allow for small dogs, including Dachshunds, to be brought into the cabin with you on flights.

This is what you need to consider when bringing your Dachshund into the cabin:

Requirements for bringing Dachshunds into the cabin of a plane

If dogs are allowed in the cabin on your airline, you’ll need to put your Dachshund in a pet carrier in order to take him on board the plane.

You’ll have to call the airline or look at their website to find out the specific requirements of each individual airline.

For example, on American Airlines you’re allowed to take small dogs into the cabin only if the pet carrier and pet weigh less than 9 kg together.

So that would be ok for most miniature Dachshunds, but may not be an option for some standard Dachshunds!

Don’t ever bend the truth about the size or weight of your Dachshund. It will be checked and the pet carrier will need to fit under the seat in front of yours.

You don’t want to find out your Dachshund can’t fly when you’re checking in at the airport!

The airline also has rules for the height and length of the pet carrier. They state that any pets must be able to move around comfortably in the carrier.

So your Dachshund would need to be able to sit, stand and lay down while inside the pet carrier.

Some airlines aren’t as strict about the amount of room movement a dog has, but you’d need to check that with them.

However, most airlines have similar rules, permitting dogs and carriers weighing less than 8-9 kg to travel on board as long as the carrier meets their guidelines. 

Can Dachshunds fly on a plane?Dachshund in the cabin of a airplane
Dachshund in the cabin of a plane

Dachshunds must travel under your seat when they fly on a plane 

The reason airlines have specific length and height requirements for pet carriers is that they need to fit under the seat on the plane. 

When your Dachshund is on board with you in the cabin, he’ll need to be put under the seat in front of yours for the whole flight.

Unfortunately, this means you won’t have much leg room during the flight. And you won’t be able to see your Dachshund to comfort him either!

If your pet carrier won’t fit under the seat, you won’t be able to bring your Dachshund into the cabin with you. 

If you travel business or first class the same rules apply. However, you will have more seat room available to you.

So this could be a better option if you’re moving abroad and can afford to travel this way.

Travelling outside of the US with your Dachshund

Keep in mind that travelling with your Dachshund in the cabin is only an option in certain countries.

It’s allowed in the US and Canada, and in Europe you might also be allowed to bring your Dachshund on board, depending on the individual airline.

However, when flying into the UK, South America, and Australia, you can’t bring animals into the cabin. Although some airlines do permit pets flying out of the UK to fly in the cabin.

So, if you’re planning a trip where you travel from the UK and then return to the UK, keep in mind that your Dachshund won’t be able to fly in the cabin on the way into the UK, even if he was allowed on the way out!

Can I Put My Dachshund In The Hold On My Flight?

Yes, your Dachshund should be allowed to travel in the hold during flights. Although some Dachshunds may feel distressed travelling this way.

Putting your Dachshund in the hold means he’ll travel on the plane as luggage with the flight passenger’s suitcases.

Many US airlines allow dogs to travel in the hold. 

If your Dachshund is over the weight requirement for travelling in the cabin, he’ll likely be able to go in the hold.

You basically check your Dachshund in with any luggage and collect him once you’ve landed.

The good news is, when your Dachshund travels in the hold, he’ll be on the same flight as you. However, he’ll also be separated from you.

Some Dachshunds cope ok with this this, but others struggle with things like separation anxiety. So it can be quite distressing for both you and them.

That’s why the cabin is definitely a better option for Dachshunds to fly on a plane. Only if your Dachshund is under the weight restriction limit.

Restrictions for putting your Dachshund in the hold 

You’ll need to buy a suitable pet carrier in order to put your Dachshund in the hold.

All airlines will list their specifications on their website so make sure you check them out.

The typical key requirements are that the pet carrier is durable, secure, leak proof, and has absorbent material inside.

A lot of airlines specify that the carrier must have metal securing fasteners, not plastic ones, to make sure the carrier can’t open when the plane is in the air.

You’ll also need a carrier that is durable so your Dachshund can’t dig or chew through during the flight. 

Travelling on a plane in extreme temperatures with your Dachshund

The pilot is able to adjust the temperature of the plane’s luggage hold during the flight to keep any pets safe.

However, during extreme temperatures, it can be dangerous for pets to be inside the hold. 

Some airlines don’t allow Dachshunds and other pets to fly on a plane in the hold during summer months in some US states, due to the risk of overheating.

Equally, when the weather forecast predicts extreme cold in other states, your Dachshund might not be able to travel in the hold in case it gets freezing cold.

This is something you’ll need to check with your specific airline, and to double-check if the forecast changes near to your flight time!

Travelling outside of the US with your Dachshund

Dachshunds are legally allowed in the hold in the US and Canada. They’re also legally allowed in the hold in Europe, the UK, and South America, depending on your flight company. 

Dachshund laying next to a world globe with a speech bubble that says 'I can travel the world'
Dachshund dreaming of travelling the world!

Can My Dachshund Travel As Cargo? 

Yes, your Dachshund can travel as cargo. Dogs travelling as cargo is different to travelling in the hold. It means your Dachshund will travel on a different flight to you on a cargo plane.

Some airlines use specific affiliated companies to help transport dogs, like Dachshunds.

These companies will be experienced with pet transport, which should provide you with comfort that your Dachshund is in safe hands.

Restrictions for putting your Dachshund in cargo

Similar requirements are held for putting your Dachshund in the hold as putting him in cargo.

You’ll need to find out your airline’s specific policies on pet carriers to be sure yours meets their requirements.

Do I Have To Pay For My Dachshund To Fly With Me?

Yes, most airlines do have a fee for allowing pets like Dachshunds to fly on a plane. Prices normally range from around $75 to $200, depending on the individual airline

You will need to speak with your airline to find out exactly how much it’ll cost.

Is My Pet Carrier Classed As My Carry On Bag?

Yes, most airlines will class your dog carrier as your carry-on bag and will only allow one additional luggage bag onto the flight.

This means you won’t be able to bring your purse or handbag as well as this. This would need to fit inside your luggage bag in the overhead cabin area.

However, some airlines take your pet carrier to be your carry-on luggage. This means you can’t bring any other carry-on luggage, only your pet carrier.

This information would need to be checked with your individual airline.

Can I Book A Seat For My Dachshund On A Plane? 

No, on most commercial airlines, you will not be allowed to purchase a separate seat for Dachshunds to fly on a plane.

It’s considered safer for dogs to travel under the seat in a pet carrier or in the hold. 

Can I Bring My Dachshund Puppy On A Flight With Me?

Most airlines will not allow you to bring on board any puppies which are less than eight weeks old.

Some require that Dachshunds are at least twelve weeks old before they can fly on a plane with you.

You must check this information with your specific airline.

Can Dachshunds fly on a plane? Funny Dachshund at the airport with a suitcase and sunglasses on
Dachshund getting ready to fly!

What To Do Before Flying With Your Dachshund

There are some key steps you need to take to prepare Dachshunds to fly on a plane, and to make sure the flight is smooth:

Speak with your vet before flying with your Dachshund

Before you travel with your Dachshund, get your vet to check him over to be sure he’s fit and heathy enough to fly.

It may not be possible for older Dachshunds or those with serious health conditions to travel on a plane.

Make sure your Dachshund has had their vaccinations 

Before you fly, you need to make sure your Dachshund is up to date on his vaccinations.

Your Dachshund might need a booster vaccine before he gets on the flight. You can check with your vet to find out if your Dachshund is up to date with his vaccinations.

In the US, dogs must be vaccinated against rabies 28 days before flying, only if they are from a ‘high-risk’ country.

It’s advised that dogs from other countries also have a rabies vaccine.

In the UK, in order to travel, dogs must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before the flight date.

Make sure you have your Dachshund’s medical records 

When you fly with your Dachshund, you will most likely need to travel with an animal health certificate.

Animal health certificates are issued by vets, and prove that your Dachshund is microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

You’ll likely need a new certificate for each trip you take. 

Having a copy of an animal health certificate allows you to prove your Dachshund is fit to fly and vaccinated against rabies. 

For travel within the US, you probably won’t be required to show an animal health certificate. But you’ll need to check your state for their regulations. 

For travel from the UK, you will need an animal health certificate issued by an official vet 10 days before flying.

Make sure you arrive early at the airport

You may be asked to show your Dachshund’s medical records when you check in with the airline, before you go through security. 

To give yourself peace of mind, arrive early at the airport so you don’t have to rush. This’ll help your Dachshund to have as smooth of a trip as possible.

You also have to account for the extra time it may take to go through security.

You’ll need to take your Dachshund out of his pet carrier and bring him through with you. The pet carrier will go through the X-Ray machine before you put him back in.

Some owners travelling with their pets report being asked to do a hand swab, which checks for explosive particles as these can be hidden in pets.

So, if you have your Dachshund with you, make sure you account for the extra time it could take you to get through security. 

Make sure you have a safe carrier for your Dachshund 

Whether you’re travelling with your Dachshund in the cabin, in the hold, or in cargo, you need a suitable carrier which meets airline guidelines.

You must check those guidelines with your individual airline.

Make sure you trim your Dachshund’s nails before flying 

Your Dachshund might get distressed and try to dig his way out of his carrier during the flight.

If his nails are trimmed, he’s less likely to harm himself accidentally while inside the carrier.

Prepare food and water for your Dachshund

Depending on the airline and whether your Dachshund is flying in the cabin, hold, or cargo, there will be guidance on how to ensure your Dachshund is fed and hydrated.

Many airlines recommend securing water and food bowls to the inside of the crate door.

Your Dachshund’s food should be attached to the outside of the crate. This is so it can be poured into the bowls attached to the door. 

Most flight companies require that you do not feed your Dachshund or give him water within 2 hours of flying.

Again, you’ll need to check these details with your individual airline.

Take your Dachshund for exercise before the flight

Make sure your Dachshund gets plenty of exercise before you take him on the flight.

This’ll help to tire him out and should prevent too much nervous energy from building up during the flight.

Make sure your Dachshund has time to potty before the flight

Make sure you take your Dachshund for a wee before you get on the flight.

The airport should have a designated area for dogs to wee so find out where that is before you get there.

Where Do Dachshunds Potty On A Plane? 

Most owners put a pee pad inside the pet carrier so their Dachshund can potty if needed during the flight.

Pee pads are highly absorbent and will prevent your Dachshund being uncomfortable if he needs to wee while on board.

How Do I Prepare My Dachshund For Air Travel

Flying can be very stressful for Dachshunds but there are some ways you can ease their anxiety:

Stay calm!

It’s important for you to stay calm before and during the flight.

If you stress about you Dachshund, he’ll pick up on the stress and think he has something to worry about.

Desensitise your Dachshund to flying 

Get your Dachshund used to flying by playing the sounds of planes and airports to him.

It might sound strange, but helping him get familiar with that sound could really help!

Get your Dachshund used to his pet carrier 

Once you’ve chosen your pet carrier, get your Dachshund to sleep in it for an hour every now and again, so he gets used to being in it. 

To encourage him to get in, you could place some treats inside. The more comfortable he feels in the carrier, the easier it’ll be for him to travel on a plane.

Put something inside the pet carrier that smells of you

Leaving something that smells of you inside the pet carrier should keep your Dachshund calmer during the flight.

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about how you can fly with your Dachshund and how to make sure he has a safe trip. Flying can be a stressful experience for Dachshunds, but if you get the right pet carrier, ensure he’s got food and water available, and desensitise him to flying beforehand, it should all go smoothly. Have a safe flight!

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