Can Dachshunds Get Sunburn? And How To Apply Sunscreen

Can Dachshunds Get Sunburn?

Are you wondering if Dachshunds get sunburn like humans do? Maybe you want to visit the beach with your Dachshund and don’t know if they need sunscreen? Here’s everything you need to know about Dachshunds and sunburn! 

Can Dachshunds Get Sunburn? Yes, all Dachshunds can get sunburn but those with lighter coats or patches of white fur are more at risk than others. Apply a dog-safe sunscreen where your Dachshund’s coat is thinner on the ears, nose, inner legs and tummy, and don’t allow them out in the hot sun too long. 

Read on to find out what the symptoms of sunburn look like, whether all Dachshunds need sunscreen, how to apply dog-safe sunscreen to your Dachshund, and what to do if they get sunburned. 

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

Where Do Dachshunds Get Sunburn?

Dachshunds are more likely to get sunburn in places where they have thinner or lighter coloured fur.

For example on the ears, nose, tummy and inner thighs, or in white or pale patches of fur.

Check those areas regularly for signs of sunburn and don’t allow your Dachshund to lay out in the sun for too long.

What Are The Signs Of Sunburn In Dachshunds?

Like all dogs, Dachshunds can get sunburn when they’re exposed to the sun. On days where UV is high, they’re at much more risk.

In order to stop your Dachshund from getting sunburn, you need to know how to spot the signs.

The signs of sunburn in Dachshunds are:

Red skin

If your Dachshund has sunburn, one of the first signs you’ll notice is red skin, which could also be flaky and feel hot to the touch.

So check the fur around your Dachshund’s nose, ears, inner legs and tummy. This is where your Dachshund’s fur is much thinner and more likely to get burned.

Sunburn will also be easier to spot in these areas than in places where your Dachshund has thicker fur.

Dry and cracked skin

Your Dachshund’s skin may also look very dry if he has sunburn. Dry skin will look lighter and may start to crack, peel or flake off.


If your Dachshund gets sunburn, you might notice he’s panting as he’s too hot.

Sunburn and overheating go hand in hand, so if you notice your Dachshund panting excessively, he might have sunburn.

Take him inside immediately to cool off because heatstroke, which happens when a dog can’t cool down quick enough, is a very serious condition that can be fatal if not treated early enough.

Tender skin 

Your Dachshund’s skin might also be tender when he’s touched. If he yelps, growls, or moves away when you try to touch him, he might be suffering from sunburn.

Just like human sunburn, your Dachshund’s skin will be sore, hot and uncomfortable. His discomfort could be a key sign that he has sunburn.

Itchy skin 

You might also notice your Dachshund trying to itch his skin when he has sunburn.

When skin is dry or cracking, it often feels itchy and irritated. If you notice your Dachshund is scratching his skin after being in the sun, he may have sunburn.


With more serious sunburn, your Dachshund’s skin might also start to blister. If you notice any blisters, you must contact your vet immediately for treatment and advice. 

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Do Dachshunds Need Sunscreen?

Yes, Dachshunds, like all dogs, need sunscreen when they’re exposed to the sun. Sunscreen will help to prevent sunburn, just like it does for humans.

Exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn but also other serious medical conditions, including skin cancer and dermatitis.

The sunscreen you use should be made specifically for dogs, at least SPF 30 and waterproof.

Can I Use Human Sunscreen On My Dachshund?

No, you should never use human sunscreen on your Dachshund!

Human sunscreen can contain ingredients that are toxic if ingested by dogs. It could cause damage to red blood cells and intestinal problems if eaten or licked.

Your Dachshund needs a pet sunscreen that is specially formulated to be safe for dogs.

How Do You Apply Sunscreen To A Dachshund?

This is how to apply dog-safe sunscreen to your Dachshund (never use human sunscreen):

Do an allergy test

In case of an allergic reaction, dog-safe sunscreen should always be patch tested on a small bit of your Dachshund’s skin before you fully apply it.

So apply dog-safe sunscreen to a small patch of your Dachshund’s skin, leave it for a few hours and then check back for any sign of a reaction.

If your Dachshund’s skin looks red, bumpy, or irritated, they are allergic. If not, you should then be able to apply the sunscreen to the rest of their body.

But, if you’re unsure, always speak to your Vet for advice.

Apply the dog-safe sunscreen

Apply a thin layer of dog-safe sunscreen to the most sensitive areas of your Dachshund’s body. Concentrate on areas where the fur is thinner, like the ears, nose, tummy and inner thighs.

Make sure the sunscreen you use is safe for dogs. Do not use human sunscreen on your Dachshund as this can contain ingredients that are toxic if ingested by dogs.

It must be a pet sunscreen that is specially formulated to be safe for dogs.

Pay close attention to specific areas

Pay close attention to any areas of white or light coloured fur on your Dachshund’s coat. Rub the dog-safe sunscreen thoroughly into the skin here.

Be sure to apply it to places without fur or with less fur, too. This includes your Dachshund’s ears, nose, tummy and inner legs.

Just make sure you don’t get any sunscreen in your Dachshund’s eyes as this can cause irritation, just as it would for humans.

Be sure to read the instructions that come with your dog-safe sunscreen just to be sure you’re applying it right.

Don’t forget your Dachshund’s tummy 

Don’t forget to apply the dog-safe sunscreen to your Dachshund’s tummy and inner legs.

You may think that just because the sun is above your Dachshund, his back and head are most at risk.

However, because your Dachshund has short legs and is close to the ground, he’s also prone to getting sunburn on his tummy. The sun basically reflects from the ground up onto his skin. 

This means you need to apply dog-safe sunscreen evenly to your Dachshund’s groin, tummy, and inner legs. 

A Dachshund’s groin and inner legs are often places without much fur which means they’re more at risk of sunburn.

Let the sunscreen absorb 

When applying the dog-safe sunscreen, make sure it’s properly rubbed into your Dachshund’s skin, not just the top of his fur.

You also need to give it enough time to absorb into his skin before going outside in the sun.

So keep an eye on your Dachshund for the first ten to fifteen minutes, and distract him so he doesn’t try to lick any of it off! 

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Do You Have To Reapply Sunscreen To Your Dachshund?

Yes, you need to reapply dog-safe sunscreen to your Dachshund if they get wet or go for a swim (unless you’re using a waterproof sunscreen of course).

You should also reapply the dog-safe sunscreen every 4 hours or so, just to be sure you’re covered.

However, Dachshunds should never be out in the hot sun for long. Dogs don’t cool down in the same way humans do and this can put them at serious risk of heatstroke.

How To Prevent Sunburn In Dachshunds 

As well as applying dog-safe sunscreen, there are a few other things you can do to prevent your Dachshund from getting sunburn:

UV Dog Shirt 

Your Dachshund might be allergic to sunscreen, or maybe he just hates the feel of it on his skin.

In that case, you could try a UV dog shirt. UV dog shirts are designed to block the sun’s UV rays, protecting most of your Dachshund’s body from the sun

Take walks early or late 

Avoid the sun at its most powerful by taking your Dachshund for walks early in the morning or later in the evening. 

Stay in the shade 

Try to stay in the shade when you’re outside with your Dachshund to limit his exposure to the sun. 

What To Do If Your Dachshund Gets Sunburn

This is what to do if your Dachshund gets sunburn:

Move your Dachshund out of the sun

If you spot any of the key signs of sunburn on your Dachshund, the first thing to do is to get him out of the sun. Move him to a cooler spot as quickly as possible.

Sunburn will only get worse the longer your Dachshund is exposed to the UV rays. Your Dachshund must not be exposed to the sun again until his sunburn heals.

Call the vet 

If your Dachshund has any form of sunburn, contact your Vet for treatment advice.

Mild sunburn may heal by itself at home. However, more severe sunburn may need an ointment from your vet or further treatment.

Signs of serious sunburn include blistered or damaged skin or your Dachshund showing any signs he’s in pain.

Check for infection 

If your Dachshund’s sunburned skin is broken or blistered, it could become infected.

Check for increased redness and swelling of the skin, as this can indicate your Dachshund has an infection which needs treatment by a Vet.

So that’s the long and the short to it! You need to protect your Dachshund from getting sunburn by applying dog-safe sunscreen to their thinner and lighter coloured areas. To best protect your Dachshund from sunburn, make sure they don’t spend too long in the sun. Watch out for the key signs of sunburn, and contact your vet for treatment advice.

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