A Dachshund Christmas Tail

Dachshund Christmas Tale

Once upon a time there was a Dachshund called Jimmy who lived in a house in the countryside with his Mom and Dad. This is Jimmy’s Christmas Day Tail!

Once upon a time . . .

Mom’s up at 6am today and I have no idea what’s going on. Something is different though so I’m watching her really closely. In fact, I’m sitting on her feet right now, just so I’m ready in case she tries to move.

She’s going into the bathroom and I’ve managed to sneak through the door. I’m sat on the floor staring at her and will do this for as long as it takes.

She picks me up and we go downstairs which must mean I’m getting an early breakfast! The good thing about being fed early is I can now ask for food at this time every day (I’ve made a note for tomorrow!).

Mom’s still in her pyjamas and seems really excited today! So, not only do I get my breakfast early, but she also gives me a biscuit. She then kisses my head and whispers “Happy Christmas Munchkin” in my ear!

Now, I don’t know who “Munchkin” is, so I’m eating that biscuit before “Munchkin” comes along and steals it!

Dad just got up and he’s making coffee. I really need to pee so I sit on the floor and stare at him. I hate waiting for anything so I yap to hurry him along. Dad soon gets the message and starts walking towards the back door.

As I speed through the house I run into the tree thing Mom put in the hallway. I have no idea why she started putting that there. Everything falls on the floor and these glittery ball things start rolling all over the place.

Mom puts her head in her hands and laughs at the tinsel stuck on my head. This must mean I did a really good thing, so I’ll make sure I do that again tomorrow!

Dad opens the back door and I bound into this thick white stuff outside. It feels really cold and exciting, so I bark to let everyone know how much fun it is!

The neighbours seem to love it when I bark loudly. They often shout at me through the windows which encourages me to do it more.

When I come back in, I have big balls of ice stuck to my legs. Mom’s rubbing me with a big fluffy towel, while Dad’s trying to gently pick them off me.

I wriggle away from both of them and zoom all round the house. I shake in every room and rub my head along the floor.

Mum keeps staring at the slushy, muddy paw-prints all over the carpet. I don’t know who made all that mess but it DEFINITELY wasn’t me!

Dad then walks in with all these shiny wrapped presents, and I rip them open with my teeth. The paper is kind of fun, so I rip that up a bit more. I even manage to eat some of it while Mom and Dad aren’t looking!

I find a squeaky turkey inside and this makes me really happy. Partly because it’s new, but mainly because I can destroy it in less than 30 seconds!

I pull the stuffing out of that turkey and leave it all over the floor. I can see how much Mom loves it when I make a mess, so I rip it up even more.

Dachshund Christmas Tale

Mom switches on the sparkly lights and starts singing along to Christmas music. I burrow under my blanket and wait for Dad to let me know when it’s safe to come out.

Next we head out for our Christmas walk and I get to wear my new jumper. It feels a bit funny against my skin so I roll around on the slushy, wet ground. Mum puts her head in her hands again, so that must mean I did a good thing!

The cold wet snow is hitting my head again and everyone starts to play. I love running after the snowballs but get cold and bored in 15 minutes!

I sit down, refuse to move and demand to be taken back home. Dad picks me up and carries me back to the house because I always get my own way!

Dad then starts cooking Christmas dinner and I stand right by his feet. Mom doesn’t cook any more because of the alarm thing that goes off when she does.

Nothing drops on the floor but Dad sneaks me a bit of roast turkey. He does this all the time when Mom’s not looking and tells me “it’s out little secret!”.

When Grandma and Grandpa turn up, I get a bit over-excited. In fact, I get so excited I accidentally wee all over Grandpa’s shirt.

Luckily he smiles and doesn’t seem to mind. That must mean he likes it and, seeing as it’s Christmas, I squeeze out as much wee as I can.

Mum stares at the wet floor again, so she must be proud of what I did. I walk in it and run around to show her how clever I am.

Everyone moves into the dining room and Dad brings in the food. I take my position right beside Grandpa because I know that he’s my best bet.

For the next hour, I eat all the bits Grandpa didn’t know he dropped and the turkey he sneaks me under the table. I nudge him persistently with my nose and it works nearly every time.

We all move into the lounge and Dad puts on the fire. Mum makes the tea and brings out some cakes. I’m not allowed any more food, but I continue to ask – just in case!

We spend the afternoon watching Christmas movies and relaxing on the sofa. Grandpa falls asleep in the chair and we listen to him snore. I love it when everyone comes over to see me, and my family is all around.

At dinner time I nudge Dad to move him towards the kitchen. As he goes to my food cupboard, I yap loudly at the turkey still cooling on the side. Dad knows what I want, but looks a little bit hesitant.

I up my game and stare at him with my little brown eyes. This is the best way to get pretty much anything I want when all other measures fail. Dad whispers “you can have the turkey Jimmy, but don’t tell your Mom”.

Mom asks Dad what he fed me. Dad lies as per usual and, even though Mom knows he’s lying, she smiles and doesn’t seem to mind. I’m getting away with so much today and making notes for tomorrow.

The lights twinkle on the tree and the fire keeps us all warm. Mom picks me up, I curl up on her lap and rest my chin on her arm. I keep my eyes tightly shut and try hard to pretend that smell isn’t coming from my bottom.

I feel myself being carried upstairs because it’s time to go to bed. Mom wraps me up in a cosy blanket and gently strokes my back. She then leans down, kisses my head and says “Merry Christmas button”.

Now, I don’t know who “Button” is, but he better not be stealing my biscuits!

As the lights go off and the stars shine in through the window, we all settle down to sleep. I think about all the Dachshunds across the world and hope they’re loved as much as me.

10 Lessons To Learn From Your Dachshund

As owners, we can all learn a lot from our adorable Dachshunds:

  1. Make the most of every day
  2. Appreciate the little things
  3. Keep your eyes on the prize
  4. Never give up
  5. Push boundaries
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  7. Be grateful for what you have
  8. Have fun every day
  9. Love unconditionally
  10. Know that family is everything

Even though the days can sometimes feel the same, it’s what we make of those days that makes them truly special. So think like a Dachshund, live your life to the full, be grateful for everything you have, and never ever give up!

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