Why Does My Dachshund Snort?

dachshund reverse sneeze

Is your dachshund making a snorting sound like he’s wheezing or has something stuck in the back of his throat? Are you wondering what’s going on and what you can do to help him? Here’s everything you need to know about dachshunds and snorting!

Why Does My Dachshund Snort? In general, when a dachshund makes a snorting or gagging sound like something is stuck in his throat, it’s usually a reverse sneeze. It’s fairly common in dachshunds and is generally caused by dust, grass, pollen, smoke, odour, allergies and over-excitement.

Read on to find out what a reverse sneeze is, how long an episode lasts, if it’s dangerous, and how to stop it happening to your dachshund.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

What Is A Reverse Sneeze In Dachshunds?

In a normal sneeze, air is forced out of your dachshund’s nose but, in a reverse sneeze, the air is pulled in through his nose. Reverse sneezes are thought to be caused by irritated or inflamed nasal or sinus passages. Dachshunds can be triggered by dust, grass, pollen, smoke, odour, allergies, airborne particles and over-excitement!

What Happens When A Dachshund Reverse Sneezes?

When a dachshund reverse sneezes, he generally stands up, extends his head and neck forwards and inhales repeatedly through his nose. This creates a strange snorting, gagging or grunting noise that sounds a bit like wheezing or something stuck in the back of his throat.

If you want to see how a reverse sneeze looks and sounds, checkout this YouTube video reference by clicking here.

How Long Does A Reverse Sneeze Last In Dachshunds?

An episode of reverse sneezing in dachshunds usually lasts about 5-60 seconds. It comes on suddenly and usually goes away just as quickly!

If your dachshund has a prolonged or chronic episode of reverse sneezing, or has any other symptoms that concern you, contact your vet for advice.

How Do I Stop My Dachshund Reverse Sneezing

To stop your dachshund reverse sneezing, put your hand gently on his throat, lift his face slightly upwards and blow gently down his nostrils. Don’t blow too hard or fast, just a very gentle soft blowing of air. Your dachshund should then swallow a couple of times and the reverse sneezing should stop.

Why does my dachshund snort? Dachshund having air blown down his nostrils while reverse sneezing
Dachshund having air blown down his nostrils while reverse sneezing

You could also try putting your finger over ONE of your dachshund’s nostrils for about 2 seconds (only one nostril or he won’t be able to breathe!), or massage his throat area and rub up and down the trunk of his body to stop it happening.

Is Reverse Sneezing Dangerous For Dachshunds?

In general, as long as your dachshund is healthy, he should be fine after an episode of reverse sneezing. It can be very scary to watch, but it’s fairly common in dogs with long noses – like dachshunds!

However, if your dachshund is constantly reverse sneezing or you suspect the cause may be allergy related, you may want to discuss medication with your vet.

You should also contact your vet if your dachshund’s airway sounds restricted or the condition seems chronic or recurrent. There’s a chance the sound could be a symptom of something more serious, like a respiratory infection, asthma, collapsed trachea, nasal polyps or even a tumour.

So, there you have it. Reverse sneezing is common in dachshunds. It appears suddenly and disappears within about a minute or so. Reverse sneezing is generally harmless but, if you have any concerns or the episodes seem chronic, it’s best to check with your vet.

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