How To Cope With New Dachshund Puppy Blues

Dachshund Puppy Blues How To Cope With New Puppy Overwhelm

Have you just got a new Dachshund puppy? Are you feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed? Are you starting to regret your decision to get a Dachshund? Here’s everything you need to know about the Dachshund ‘puppy blues’.

This Is How To Cope With New Dachshund Puppy Blues:

  • Recognise that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed
  • Remember that you have time
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Accept the new normal
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Find support in Dachshund communities
  • Make your own decisions
  • See mistakes as opportunities
  • Make time for yourself
  • Learn and grow
  • Know that it does get easier!

But, before you take your puppy out for his next wee, there’s more you need to know. Read on to find out what Dachshund ‘puppy blues’ are, how long they last, why your feel so overwhelmed, and how to cope with new Dachshund puppy blues!

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Dachshund owner of 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

What Are The Dachshund Puppy Blues?

The Dachshund puppy blues are when you feel very down, worried and anxious during the first weeks or months of looking after your new puppy. It has some similarities to the postpartum depression (or baby blues) that some new mothers struggle with after giving birth. 

When you bring your new Dachshund puppy home, it’s common to feel emotionally unsettled, completely overwhelmed and anxious.

Your first few weeks (or months) with your new puppy can be an exhausting rollercoaster of emotions, including frustration, panic, stress, regret, guilt, depression, anxiety, sadness and worry.   

If this sounds similar to how you’re feeling right now, you may be experiencing the ‘puppy blues’.

This is a very normal phase of puppy ownership that many new Dachshund owners go through.

You might start to regret or question your decision to get a Dachshund puppy. You may feel stressed about not taking care of your Dachshund properly, or that you’re doing everything wrong.

On top of that, you might not be able to tell friends or family that things are tougher than you imagined, through fear of them judging you.

Basically, you feel utterly overwhelmed and worried that you’ve made a really terrible mistake.

Rest assured, you haven’t! It’s actually very normal to feel this way and much more common than you think!

Why Do I Feel Overwhelmed By My New Dachshund Puppy?

This is why you feel overwhelmed by your new Dachshund puppy:

A new Dachshund puppy is A LOT of work

Dachshund puppies are full on when you first get them.

No matter how much you plan for bringing a new puppy home, nothing can prepare you for just how relentless it is during those first few weeks.

You’ll soon get used to it as your Dachshund settles in, but it can be exhausting and seem like a lot to cope with at first.

This is completely normal!

You’re out of your comfort zone

Change is always unsettling. If you haven’t had a Dachshund puppy before, all of this is going to feel totally alien and scary.

You’ve taken on the job of raising a puppy who doesn’t know anything about the world. And, unfortunately, Dachshunds don’t come with instruction manuals!

It’s a big responsibility and maybe not something you’ve ever had to do before. So it’s bound to feel like you’re flailing or getting things wrong.

This is completely normal!

Your Dachshund doesn’t seem to listen

Your Dachshund may not listen to you at all a first. He might wee and poo indoors, chew everything, bark at anything that moves and constantly demand your attention.

Even though you’re working hard on dog training, it may feel like you’re going backwards with no end in sight.

You may feel completely fed-up and frustrated that your Dachshund isn’t getting things right or doing what you want him to do.

This is completely normal!

Dachshund puppy on his bed after chewing his owners shoes!
Dachshund puppy on his bed after chewing his owners shoes!

You haven’t bonded with your Dachshund yet

If you had images of you and your Dachshund living in perfect harmony, it can feel very disheartening when this isn’t actually the reality.

But remember, you don’t really know each other that well yet. As you spend more time with your Dachshund, your bond will grow stronger and closer.

Bonding can take a bit of time. When that initial buzz of having a new puppy wears off, you’ll be left with floors to clean and many sleepless nights.

So it’s understandable that the new routine may take its toll and make you feel a bit unappreciated and down.

This is completely normal!

You’re exhausted

You probably won’t be getting a lot of sleep for the first few weeks or months. That may be because your puppy is crying through the night or waking you up every few hours for a wee.

You could also be so worried and stressed about everything that it’s stopping you from sleeping soundly.

When you’re not getting enough sleep, everything is going to seem 100 times worse. Any setbacks with your puppy can seem impossible to cope with when you’re tired.

This is completely normal!

You have information overload

Figuring out what you should and shouldn’t do with your new puppy can be stressful in itself.

Dachshund Facebook groups are great for support and advice but there will always be different opinions online.

Some Dachshund owners will express very strong views on the best way to do things, and these opinions will vary depending on where people live in the world.

Basically, you’re never going to find a Dachshund Facebook group where all owners agree on everything.

So, if you ask for specific advice, you may come away feeling more confused than you were to start with.

Being bombarded with new puppy advice can be stressful and leave you not knowing what to do for the best.

This is completely normal!

How Long Do The Dachshund Puppy Blues Last?

The Dachshund puppy blues can last for days, weeks or even months. Most owners who suffer from puppy blues experience them during the first week or two of bringing their new puppy home. Although they could start any time during the first few months.

While you can’t just magic the puppy blues away, you can find ways to cope with them so you’re not so affected by the dramas of raising your puppy.

So how do you cope with the new Dachshund puppy blues?

Dachshund puppy keeping his owner awake all night
Dachshund puppy keeping his owner awake all night

How To Cope With New Dachshund Puppy Blues

If you have a new puppy and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or down, this is how to cope with new Dachshund puppy blues:

Recognise that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed 

The most important part of dealing with new puppy overwhelm is to recognise that it’s normal. You’ve taken on a big job and it’s OK to feel this way.

You’re coping with a lot of change, and it’s going to take time for you and your new puppy to adjust.

Rest assured, what you’re experiencing is very common. New puppies are really hard work, and most first time Dachshund owners feel completely overwhelmed at first.

It’s actually a good sign you’re so concerned because it means you care about looking after your Dachshund properly!

Remember that you have time

Don’t put pressure on yourself to do everything perfectly straight away. You have time to work with your Dachshund puppy on their behaviour and training.

You don’t have to conquer everything on day one! No one does that, and anyone that tells you otherwise is probably telling fibs!

Set realistic expectations

If you find yourself getting annoyed or frustrated with your new puppy, remember that he knows absolutely nothing about how he’s supposed to behave. He’s still just a baby!

In those first few months, everything your Dachshund is doing helps him learn about his environment and what he is and isn’t allowed to do.

So if he chews your kitchen cupboards, he’s not trying to annoy you. He just doesn’t understand (yet!) that those cupboards aren’t for chewing!

Be realistic with what you expect from your Dachshund. Every time he gets it wrong, remind yourself that he’s not trying to be naughty. He just needs you to show him the right way to behave.

Dachshund Owner feeling overwhelmed by new puppy
Dachshund Owner feeling overwhelmed by new puppy

Accept the new normal

While your Dachshund is still a puppy, things aren’t going to go according to plan all the time.

You might feel like you’re going backwards with his training, or that you don’t have as much of a grasp on the situation as you’d like.

Dachshunds can be quite needy, so other parts of your life may also have to be put on hold for a while.

Life will undoubtedly change. But, if you’re going to cope with the first few months of looking after a new puppy, you just have to embrace the new normal.

Once you accept the reality of the situation and tell yourself it’s just a phase that all owners go through, it hopefully won’t bother you so much!

Stop comparing yourself to others

Don’t compare yourself to other Dachshund owners and worry you’re not doing as well as them.

Every puppy is different and every situation is different, so comparisons can’t be made.

You may get a puppy who is placid and does everything you say, or you could get a real live-wire who loves to bite and play!

Comparing yourself with others will only make you feel bad about yourself and like you’re failing – which you’re not!

The reality is, most new Dachshund owners struggle for the first few weeks and months, especially with their first Dachshund.

Find support in Dachshund communities

It can help to chat with other Dachshund owners who understand what you’re going through. They can offer support, advice and words of encouragement.

There are lots of Dachshund communities online, including the Facebook Group that goes with this blog (which you’re very welcome to join!).

There may even be local Dachshund Facebook groups that organise regular walks where you can meet with other owners in person.

You could also talk to friends and family who have raised a puppy before. Although Dachshunds do tend to have some quirks that experienced owners may be more able to help you with.

And of course, your local vet will also be able to offer advice and reassurance. They can even put you in touch with a local dog trainer if you need to work with someone one-on-one.

Just know that you’re not on your own. People will understand what you’re going though and will happily offer help and advice if you ask for it.

Make your own decisions

Facebook groups can be incredibly useful. But you also have to accept that Dachshund owners won’t always agree on everything.

When you’re trying to figure out what to do and 10 people are telling you 10 different things, it can get a bit confusing!

So there will be some decisions you have to make yourself, just as you would with children.

To give you an idea, these are some of the things Dachshund owners will NEVER fully agree on:

Knowing this upfront is helpful. You can then listen to both sides of the debate and decide what’s best for you and your Dachshund.

Dachshund puppy learning to do potty training
Dachshund puppy learning to do potty training

See mistakes as opportunities

Rather than getting irritated by mistakes, it can be helpful to flip your mindset so you look for opportunities when your Dachshund gets something wrong.

So instead of seeing things as setbacks, switch into trainer mode and approach everything more positively.

If your puppy wees on your new rug, accept that he’s not doing it to annoy you. He’s doing it because it feels soft and absorbent like grass and he has NO IDEA where his toilet spot is yet.

Your job is to teach him! Doing a little bit of training each day will really help with bonding and any behavioural issues your Dachshund may have.

Make time for yourself

When you feel tried and stressed, it’s easy to forget about your own health and wellbeing. So make sure you’re eating well and catching up on sleep where you can.

Arrange to have some time to yourself occasionally and don’t feel guilty about doing that.

Ask a family member to watch your Dachshund for an hour or so, so you can get out of the house to see friends.

This’ll help you feel refreshed and mentally strong enough to cope with any new challenges that come your way.

Learn and grow

Learning about Dachshunds and how to train them will help you overcome some of your feelings of fear and uncertainty. No one knows what they’re doing to start with!

So make a start with the puppy training basics:

Reading these will give you more than enough information to make progress and grow in confidence.

Know that it does get easier

Having to cope with the Dachshund puppy blues is hard. You may feel like you can’t get through the next day, let alone week or month. But you CAN and you WILL.

As the days go by, you and your Dachshund will begin to settle into the new routine and things will start to feel a bit easier.

Over the following months you’ll go from constantly clearing up after your Dachshund to laughing with him and playing.

Yes, there may be some challenges along the way, but there will always be someone you can turn to for training tips and advice.

Feel free to join the Facebook Group that goes this this blog or ask friends and family for support.

The puppy phase won’t last forever so try to embrace it while you can. There will come a time when you wonder where your Dachshund is, and you’ll find him fast asleep in a patch of sun by the window.

As you look at your Dachshund you’ll smile and your heart will melt. All of those feelings of sadness, worry and overwhelm will disappear, and all you’ll be left with is LOVE ❤️

And, just to warn you, it’s at that VERY MOMENT that you’ll start mulling over the idea of getting another one!

So, there you have it! The Dachshund ‘puppy blues’ aren’t uncommon and most new owners struggle at first. How do you cope with the new Dachshund puppy blues? Take things one day at a time, don’t look too far ahead and reach out for support and advice. You will get through this, your Dachshund will settle down, and you’ll end up with the BEST companion you could ever wish for!

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Dachshund Puppy Blues How To Cope With New Puppy Overwhelm
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